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    Why are people buying Skyrim?

    You can't question and excuse to piss away 100 hours of time. I mean, come on, Dragons.
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    Poll: Skyrim: Twilight Edition (Vamp or Lycan?)

    I'll be honest, I only got the gist of what you were saying in the first post then looked for information to back it up.
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    Poll: Skyrim: Twilight Edition (Vamp or Lycan?) I'll be honest, I'm surprised they didn't go the Sims 2 Wookie route. It looks cool, I guess. Now I wonder what will stop one from being both, though.
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    Poll: Fallout new vegas DLC: Do i need them all?

    Right now, you may want to just go with Honest Hearts and Old World Blues. That way, if you are concerned with story flow, you can get Dead Money and Lonesome Road later. Which, Lonesome Road feels more like something best suited for the end anyways. I was personally not a fan of Dead Money...
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    Escape to the Movies: Drive

    For the mention of Jacket, I enjoyed this episode a little bit more. Now to listen to the EP again.
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    FortressCraft creator decides to be an arrogant dick

    Mojang clearly needs to sue for the use of the word "craft" in the game's title. This guy will never get a break, because much unlike Notch, he's a douche. I am unaware as to whether FortressCraft has a community or not. If it does, it is not as pronounce as the Minecraft community. It's...
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    That's it, Gamestop.

    I've purchased all of two game at gamestop within my lifetime. My worst experience was an employee there who spoke to me as if I was twelve. That's enough for me to not want to go back.
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    Can someone explain to me why shane dawson is so popular on youtube?

    People had to go somewhere after they got over Fred.
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    Did you enjoy ed edd n Eddy when it was on tv?

    I enjoyed most cartoons when I was younger, this was no exception. I thought a lot of the stuff they did was cool, and as a kid, I wanted to build a monkey fort with my friends like they had. Or like how Dexter's Laboratory made me want a lab. I was like six, you can't really blame me.
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    So how is Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

    It's cool. Though, I wish I had paid more attention to which computer perk I put skills into. Level two hacking would have been helpful. I also have problems with judging whether I'll actually be able to take down a guy without his friends knowing. Not worth the load time to try everything.
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    Scientists Monkey With Evolution, Produce "Snouted Chicken"

    I'd be way more into the ethical treatment of dinosaurs. Let them hatch
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    PC Gamers: will you buy Mass Effect 3 if it's not on Steam?

    I'm not liking how it looks so far, but there's a chance I would. If it is on Origin, however, there is no chance.
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    You Don't Exist if You're Not on a Social Network

    ?I feel safer online than I do offline. So I do things online that I wouldn?t do in real life.? --Sadie, 14 years old So do odd old men. Welcome to the internet, Sadie. Enjoy your stay.
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    Would longer hours at school help?

    It just turns into more time to waste. I'm not sure how more school would improve schooling as it is, for us. The stance is that it's in a miserable state. Adding more doesn't fix anything, it's just more mediocrity on top of what we have. It would be more worthwhile to improve the quality...
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    Daily Mail Puts Two and Two Together, Gets Gay Spider-Man

    Black and Hispanic... Alright. If they want to place emphasis on his background, okay. If they can creatively work it into to the story without making a very large deal, even better. sexuality wouldn't be too hard. Ethnicity is a different story. As a hero he becomes the mask and upholds...