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    Odd prices in games.

    I recall the Thieves Armlet in FFIX was 55000 gil and it wasn't great and only used to boost your treasure hunter score at the last bit of the game, which was an overly expensive and time consuming side mission for little gain.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    The only thing that comes to mind here is Civilisation and Age of Empires..
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    Scariest monsters/creatures in video games.

    I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone say this guy yet. Single most frightening video game character.
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    Just make sure all the connections are nice and secure. Can be a bit annoying, but itll only get bad if you force it down and bend the connectors out of shape
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    I really can't tell with the picture, but if it is about the idea of the ATX having only 23 pins, don't worry, that pin isn't needed so it is not there on all cables. It is a 5V supply line which was removed years ago
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    Game Soundtracks

    After listening to this again, I forgot how great that music was. Hans Zimmer is nthing short of a musical genius much like John Williams
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    Ever Felt Cheated Out Of Something?

    He did technically get it wrong via the rules, and let's face it, he started out with nothing before the show, he didn't exactly 'lose 3k'. He should be happy he was even on the show to get anything at all. I never feel cheated out of anything, especially something I never had to begin with...
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    Game Soundtracks

    This thread is amazing, I love the idea of this. Music has by far made a lot of games, main one coming to mind being: as well as the following which made the boss battles that much better that you didnt want them to end Was going to add in route 1/lavender town from pokémon, but...
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    People smell bad on purpose

    I once worked in a jewellery shop fixing watches in the back. so the only way I could see to the shop floor was via a security camera. There was this one man who every 4 weeks for some reason needed a watch battery (different watches). He would have brought in his bike to the shop, but that...
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    Stupid questions you've been asked at your job

    that is priceless xD The first one that comes to mind is that when I worked in a jewellers, a lady saw an 18ct gold bracelet with 9 different precious stones in it or ample size (~1.1ct each which is a fair size considering there are 9 of them) This bracelet was reduced to half price to...
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    Favorite and most iconic Pokemon songs

    As anyone from the creative group has seen, I would say the Lavender Town Theme or the Route 1 theme tune. As a proud owner of every pokémon in the games, it's hard for me to pick out just one from the plethora of brilliant nostalgia. :)
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    12 seconds: Rewind Time or A Different World?

    I can't help but think you aren't utilizing the opportunity in front of you. At least if I was to die in the new world, then I would have achieved something great from it. You have the chance to do something that no one else has been able to do, and you are kind of going 'nahh, i'll just stick...
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    12 seconds: Rewind Time or A Different World?

    I wouldn't need 12 seconds. I would choose the different world. What would I do with going back in time for myself? This world is so mundane, imagine what other worlds there could be out there. Good or bad, it would still be very interesting to see, whereas going back in time, I would just try...
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    Yet Another PC Building Thread

    Are you not putting in a dedicated soundcard given that you say you might use it for audio production? Also The i5 with a GTX760 is a weird one, I guess to futureproof it abit, maybe an i7 would be better, given your price bracket I would see no problems in getting an i7 with GTX760 and maybe a...
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    An Interesting Hypothetical Case: what would you do?

    you have to be pretty petty given that you have nothing to lose. Of course you go for it, who cares if they get $1m, the question is really asking 'is this persons happiness worth more than $1m'?