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    If you were a great warrior, what would be your weapon of choice?

    Sword, Because I find swords majestic.
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    Damn you, Minecraft!

    I enjoy every moment I have building stuff. No wasted hours here.
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    What did you learn in School today?

    I learnt that life skills is banterous.
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    Poll: Your thoughts on 4chan

    Ahh. Thanks for enlightening me.
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    Poll: Your thoughts on 4chan

    How so?
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    Poll: Your thoughts on 4chan

    So What do you think of 4chan? What are your most favourite boards? What do you dislike or like about 4chan? What are your most disliked boards? Reason for dislike: And what is your general opinion of 4chan? I'll start off My favourite board is /tg/ I like the discussions and debates...
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    Poll: Casting Hermetic and Vancian magic with Kinect, Move or Wii

    I can see the merits of your idea. I'd like to add that using the voice commands to cast spells could also be a good Idea.
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    Laws of physics broken as a perpetual motion machine was invented

    Pfft this guy obviously got the idea from troll science. Jokes aside if that is real and not a hoax it could become very important.
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    I apologize for my trollish behavior.

    I still hate myself for making a troll thread, When I think about it I feel like an asshole for making it. Never again will I do something like that.
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    Dark, terrible things...

    Encyclopedia dramatica offended page. And y'all kids better not be thinking that 4chan is only /b/ *shakes fist*
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    What do you think rule No. 1 of the Internet should be?

    Don't make troll threads just because you are bored. I should know. I still feel like an asshole for making that thread.
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    Username Origins

    Im Canadian and I live in Britain.
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    What Do You Want For XMas?

    Nerf and/or airsoft guns. A forgeworld great fire dragon Warhammer fantasy battles source books D&D essentials source books.
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    Poll: Press X to be a *****!

    I always try to be the best that I can be.
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    It worked before.