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    "Normandy" and "Dead Don't Shuffle"

    Your music is awesome! There are a few that aren't to my taste but that's down to my ear. I like the idea of this FAQ thing you are doing, it's always interesting to see how other musicians think and work. Any chance of a gear list in the next one?
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    Can you recommend a good drink?

    orange juice is quite nice.
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    Where Have All the Cheats Gone?

    You probably didn't need 3 pages to say that. I actually skipped the end of the first page, the whole of the second page and most of the third page because you were taking to long to get to the point. The writing in escapist articles has been severely lacking recently.
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    What if 9/11 happened in another country?

    A safe place to live? over 10000 people were killed because because of the first amendment which allows anyone to own a gun in the year 2000. I believe the figure for 11/9/2001 was around 3000.
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    What if 9/11 happened in another country?

    no, the american date system is wrong.
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    How is 9/11 viewed internationally?

    you mean the 11th of September 2001? when Antonio da Costa Santos, mayor of Campinas, Brazil was assassinated? Also the thousands of others that were killed in a military coup at the hands of General Pinochet which by the way was backed by the UK and the US? Or did you mean something else...
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    Nintendo Sued Over Wii Motion Controls

    I think this is great news. Nintendo really just needs to realise it's to old and to senial for this now, hand in it's guns and find a nice retirement home somewhere.
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    Slavery: The Game "Become The Most Powerful Slavetrader"

    This game looks awesome.
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    Trailers: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - Remastered Edition Trailer

    Anyone know what price tag it's going to have? (UK price that is)
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    Conan Scriptwriter Ruminates On Failure

    There is a solution to this, find another job. One you can acctually do right.
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    Pay For Your Lunch with Darth Vader's Face

    Mabye it's about time they did put Jesus on the nickle then?
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Brings Anti-Terrorism Back to PC and Consoles

    We wouldn't need to worry about XBL anyway because hell will freeze over before it becomes compatable with Steam so crossing the PC over with the PS3 won't be a problem, worked with portal 2.
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    Games on Google+ Means One More Chance to Save Ferelden

    Well it was bound to happen eventually, at least they've done the decent thing and allowed us to screen it easily because we don't give a toss