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    Spyro Developer: You Don't Miss Spyro As Much As I Do

    This. This is content. Well done guys, you did a good.
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    Editor's Note Escapist Magazine Volume 2: Issue 0

    Huh. I think I speak for everyone still here when I say "go on..."
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    Poll: Would you rather be lucky or smart?

    This. Sometimes life will just take giant shits on you, you may think you're smart, but you can't outsmart every meteor that comes crashing into your life.
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    What types of anime are you into and why?

    I have two modes. Anime Snob, only the best, deepest story, best animation, S tier anime. ...And holy fuck do I want to watch some actual trash, fanservice, the worst most laughable horribly animated cartoons japan and/or China has to offer me. Entertain me please, I want to know just how...
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    Can we use as a metric for what is the most popular franchise ever?

    Same potluck as was in it's time, just less fetters on content. Take warnings seriously because there's minimal moderation on things written considering the correct labels are used. And yeah I've used it the past year after has kind of dried up for me, s'got some good on there...
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    What happened to Caramel Frappe?

    Always. Huh. Obviously I can't tell if you've had a past alias, but based on the join date...Y'aint been here long enough to make that call sonny jim. I have seen ALL, I even lurked 2 years prior to this. And I can assess that as an incorrect statement. Trolls and dick-bags have popped up...
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    The Escapist Christmas Haul 2017

    A toblerone, a scented candle and a game.
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    So cartoon network schedule this week: The Holy Shit sequel

    Ugh, So glad I have a Cartoon Network outside of the US. We have like... other...shows. Oh wait there's like two blips there, Steven Universe. And ...Night begins to shine? I have no idea what that is. Still. Variety is the spice of life CN. No one wants your unseasoned skinless chicken...
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    EA thinks gamers don't enjoy single player games anymore.....

    EA doesn't like the lack of money:effort ratio that comes from Single player games. Don't try to swing your hips around the point you slut, EA. We know your tricks. You're as transparent as they come and we're not tolerating your lack of care and blind profit driven stance on things...
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    In brief defence of Final Fantasy 8

    Oh I don't think it's a bad game. Not even a bad final fantasy, it just had the misfortune of being sandwiched between 7 and 9 which stand tall as the pinnacle examples of the series to me. The story was...fine, the characters were kind of weak to be honest, and it had alot of problems...
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    Blizzard, that was the best birthday present you have ever given me.

    I didn't really get it either, until I gave one of the private servers a shot just to confirm to myself that I'd just hate it and want to come back to live. Um... it's weird. I kind of get it now, the experience shared by the community is wholly different. It's a struggle yes, but no one has the...
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    Thoughts on Sonic Forces reception

    Sonic team don't want to make sonic games anymore it's the industry's worst kept secret. But people keep buying them. I hope this is the final nail in the coffin and Sega stop trying to make it happen with them, hand it off to Whitehead and crew who clearly actually have some passion left in...
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    What's Your Desktop Background?

    The background art from Sonic Mania's Lava Reef Zone act 2.
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    I've been away for a while, can y'all bring me up to speed?

    Waiting for the day I bring up the site only to see a 'Cannot be found' address feedback. It's tragic but that's how it feels. Last gasps of breath puffing out, only for a quick injection of life support from Yahtzee on Wednesday.
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    To the Brits: If a cookie is a biscuit, then what is a biscuit?

    No scones are not hard. If they're hard someone gave you a stale scone. Beat them to death with it, it is your patriotic duty colonial, One does not take a stale scone!