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    God save our wallets, the steam autumn sale is here!

    A lot of people really didn't like that game, and found the first person platforming really confusing. Personally, I didn't have a problem and thought it was a really great game. I played it on xbox though, don't know if there any issues with the PC version. OT: I picked up Orcs Must Die and...
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    Can we all just shut the f*** up about Skyrim, please?

    It's actually hilarious how defensive people are getting over this.
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    3DS Titles Delayed to "Stay Fresh"

    They're delaying the 3DS games? That's okay, I can just play all the wii games that are coming out at the moment. Oh wait.
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    Any words that you simply CANNOT speak.

    That would imply that welsh people can speak welsh, and believe me, we can't. I can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch however.
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    ITT: CTRL+V and see what happens.

    "Your PC's ATI Radeon HD 5450 does not meet the game's recommended requirements. The recommended GPU for Battlefield 3 is a GeForce GTX 560 or higher. Check below to see some upgrade options. To see other system requirements for Battlefield 3, please click here." Pfft.
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    A question for you, escapists.

    Probably not, purely because if I could have anything I want from the press of a button, I would be so bored. A thing is way more entertaining to have when you know you've actually worked for it, not just pressed a magic button. The people's lives don't really come into it.
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    Your Name as an Anagram?

    Inane Tough Nitwit That's pretty scary that an anagram can accurately describe me.
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    Sequels Part 2

    The problem is that creating a sequel is the easiest form of marketing that there is; people see a game with a 2 on the end, remember the original and pick it up, even if said original was only okay. Another problem is IP ownership; a developer is going to genuinely care about their IP, and...
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    What if Saints Row 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and MW3 (if you're still into that) turn out to be bad?

    Then we will finally understand Valve's triphobia.
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    Has gaming infected your mind?

    I looked in a mirror earlier and found myself thinking "Whoa, my nose looks weird. Oh well, they'll probably patch it soon."
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    what was your most recent gaming purchase?

    The last one (before DXHR) was the humble indie bundle. I payed $10 for it.
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    Poll: How do you shave?

    With a BIC razor. Not letting anything cut the hair off my face unless the company also makes pens. Logic, people. ^^
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    What brought you to the Escapist?

    That developer thing in march. Combo breaker.
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    Upcoming games doomed to destroy their franchises?

    BF is will get murdered on console by MF3, and shunned on the pc because of origin (cheers captain obvious).
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    Anyone got a good Deus Ex HR LP?

    OMFGCata is alright. Ish.