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    No Right Answer: Attack on Attack on Titan

    I'd recommend Seirei no Moribito and Last Exile. They were both fantastic, in my opinion. I can't really vouch for the dubs, though, as I did not watch those.
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    The Big Picture: Orphan, Black? - A Look At The New Annie

    The only times that it wouldn't be okay in the ways that you described would be if the ethnicities of the original characters actually had some bearing on the original plot. For example, for Friday to work, the main cast needs to be black because the characters are meant to be caricatures of...
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    Users Accidentally Buy Items on PS4 PSN Store Using DualShock 4 for PS3

    So. For all that this sucks for the people involved, I can't help but imagine that someone out there might think of this as an opportunity for an added difficulty mode in Dark Souls: try to beat the game while spending less than a certain threshold in the PS4 shop.
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    Xbox One "Immersive Gaming" Video Ad May Be a Bit Disturbing

    So, like. Why'd he need to say "Xbox, resume" if he had the controller in his hand? Wouldn't it have been faster just to press the B button than to speak a full sentence? Edit: Well . . . maybe not a full sentence. I dunno. Still seems odd to me.
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    Zero Punctuation: Next Gen Buyer's Guide

    This actually sounds really interesting and relevant to my interests. I just wish I had a better handle on what you're actually saying. What I'm getting from this is "backwards compatibility and emulation is actually a lot more feasible than we've been led to believe." Is that accurate...
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    Zero Punctuation: Next Gen Buyer's Guide

    Can't help but notice you didn't answer the question. Just 'cause the consoles are selling well doesn't mean they're quality products. Don't get me wrong, though; I don't care what you buy. Get a current-gen console if you want one. Your life, not mine. I'm just here to point out your argument...
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    Battlefield 4's a "New Form of Cultural Aggression", Says Chinese State Media

    Has anyone pointed out to China that the game wasn't published by the US gub'ment, itself? 'Cause I think that's an important point to make. Even if the game did originate in the country, that doesn't mean that it's the country's official view, nor does it mean that it's the country's citizens'...
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    Video: Three Gaming Heroes Learn Not To Steal Mario's Powerups

    Man, this reminds me of There Will Be Brawl. Anyone else remember There Will Be Brawl? In any case, it's always nice to see this kinda stuff floating around the internet.
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    Is Metroid popular enough to sell the Wii U?

    Well, I consider myself a pretty big Metroid fan, and I'd still say "no," because I honestly think this is kind of the wrong question to be asking in the first place. I think it should be rephrased as "Are a handful of tried-and-true franchises enough to sell the Wii U?" The business model...
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    Pokemon Research Proves Squirtle To Be Best Starter

    I still stand by my assertion that bulbasaur is an overpowered pokemon in Gen I, largely because of the way special attacks worked in GI. See, there were no Special Attack or Special Defense stats; they were originally one stat called "Special." So, the higher your Special, the more damage you'd...
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    Rayman Legends Doesn't Have Online Play For A Reason

    It's funny; I was just talking about this kind of thing with my mom. See, she used to be big into games back when the N64 was at its peak, and she wanted to know what system she should look into if she wanted to get back into games. She made it clear that she really wanted to sit down with me...
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    What can Xbox one do for me?

    How do you know all of this, exactly? It's awfully specific knowledge for some random dude in New York who apparently makes websites and doesn't work for Microsoft. Anyway. I don't want to be "freed" from my disks. I never asked to be "freed" from my disks. I like my disks basically for the...
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    Duke Nukem Creator Sues Gearbox For Unpaid Royalties

    Well . . . assuming 3DR is telling the truth about Gearbox promising to pay for the debt and pay the royalties separately, 3DR would seem to be in the right, shitty of a deal as it is and shitty of a game as DNF was. Gearbox's lawyers should probably not have let them do it, but a deal is a...
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    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Revives the MMO Dream

    Not gonna pretend to be well-versed in Warhammer, but . . . I'd like to play as a Sister of Battle. I'd still probably keep my eye on this one even if that weren't happening, but that would be a deal sealer for me.