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    Why is bullying still an issue?

    good points and awesome reference, so cool.
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    The world has ended and only 3 chracters can save it.

    Glados, for the zombies Commander Sheppard, for the aliens Guts, for the demons nuff said
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    no saving in dead island

    i bought dead island, looking forward to a good zombie slashing game. i got home unwraped my new game with that fantastic new game smell, put it into my ps3 and right off the bat i need to download a patch, now i had read up a little on the game before and knew that there were some problems, but...
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    Norwegian stores takes away violent games from shops shelfes after massacre.

    Here's a link to the topic I can kind of see why they would take down the modern warfare games down but why WOW its a fantasy game. whole seems a bit silly if you ask me.
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    Under what circumstances would you become a Mercenary?

    i'd turn mercenary for a klondike bar, and a safe house loaded with enough arms to start a small war.
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    Why are Dutch people...

    thanks for cearing that up i shall inform the english that they are indeed weird.
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    Can someone please explain dubstep to me?

    your link is awesome and your totally right if you dont like this then you probably wont like dubstep.
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    Age Restrictions

    in california im pretty sure these are right sex 18 marrige 18(or earlier with parental consent) cigerettes 18(or 16 with parental consent, parent has to be with you) provisoinal lisence 16 full at 17-18, drinking 21 (or earlier with parental consent, parent has to be with you.)
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    Worst Fan Base Out There

    xbox and ps3 fanbases are really bad. they cant see that each has flaws and perks, and that in some way theirs is always better than the other when there really the same (depending on how u like to play your games). they wont even entertain the idea that the two are equal.
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    PS3 or 360?

    it depends on how u like to play your games, if u prefer single player get the ps3, if u like mutiplayer get 360. those are the only differences that matter is u just want to play games.
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    Poll: Tali Reveal

    Then close your eyes. I choose to know the truth, not sit in wonder because I might not like it. normally i would agree but in this case its more about entertianment then real life facts. i think i would prefer them not to reveal her but if they did it would not stop me enjoying the game.
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    Poll: PSN compensation?

    i've been here that a lot of people think that psn should give its users some kind of compensation or gift of good will. people are saying that psn should us a free game or a free year of ps+. some people are worried that if thy did that it would only be some lame ps home stuff or a discount on...
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    Poll: Should I buy portal 2?

    if you liked the first one and you like puzzles,witty characters, and a good story with plenty of comedy then you will definitly love this game.
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    Poll: Dubbed or Subbed?

    im for subbed, dubbed can be good but its not the case most of the time. and i could use the subtiles as an excuse to watch anime when school said you had to read 100 pages a week.
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    Vegetarians - why?

    Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down your fat consumption. Modern farm animals are deliberately fattened up to increase profits. Eating fatty meat increases your chances of having a heart attack or developing cancer,If we eat the plants we grow instead of feeding them...