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    Poll: Is being shy bad?

    Many people tend to quickly categorize me as an introvert, especially when they compare me to one of my siblings who is an extrovert on steroids. I am actually quite outgoing, but in larger crowds, or people I'm generally not familiar with, I tend to keep to myself until I can join in a...
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    Best way to stay warm

    I hate the cold and I have perfected staying warm to the point that I no longer feel cold around winter. I suggest getting a sweater/jacket that has warm material sewn on the inside; there are several types that use different material on the outside that they can be worn for different...
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    Has your taste in video games ever changed?

    I don't think my tastes have changed. I grew up playing and enjoying platformers, puzzles, RPGs, and adventure titles and I would generally stay away from anything with a mature rating. As I grew older and became desensitized and intrigued with what mature titles had to offer, I just went on...
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    Autism. Do you think it is a blessing or a curse?

    Based on personal accounts, I've noticed that those afflicted with autism (the type that impairs cognitive reflexes and response times) are noticeably afflicted with it in the earlier stages of their life, but with proper therapy, can reach a level of control over their affliction that makes...
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    Smartphones and smartphone plans

    I'm in a family share plan, but effectively pay for my share of the service and data because it is cheaper (and I honestly never get anywhere close to running out of data). My first ever phone was the Motorola Droid Mini, 16 GB, two years prior. It's a good little phone, not too big, not two...
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    Otaku can now get their own virtual 2D waifu!

    They seem cool. I don't like the idea of smart home tech being manipulated by a pseudo-AI, but some people might not even think twice about it. I personally wouldn't want one because it doesn't really add or remove anything from my daily routine. For some people that might like the idea of...
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    Kids and your opinion of them

    As someone who has worked with children as a volunteer to a tutor and currently as a teacher of sorts, I can safely say that we currently have possibly the worst tempered and undisciplined kids this generation. I wholeheartedly hate that, but it is the truth. When I volunteered as a...
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    Do horror games actually scare you?

    Certainly games that include jump scares tend to catch me off-guard for a quick fright, but certainly nothing long term. I always have some knowledge of the degree of gore or disgusting content in a title that lets me know if I can handle its content while simultaneously having fun. I...
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    Poll: Ico vs. Shadow of the Colossus

    I would have to say both, and maybe leaning a little more towards Shadow of the Colossus. There was a time where I would shrug off titles that were popular with gamers and not necessarily the mainstream media because I didn't find them all that appealing at first glance. Once I got my hands...
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    Anyone here played "Let it Die"

    I got around to downloading it today and I was actually wondering if anyone had gotten around to testing the waters. It certainly seems interesting and now that I've read comparisons to Dark Souls and No More Heroes, I'm excited to jump right in. One question though: Does it have...
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    Poll: Pants vs. Shorts

    While shorts are more comfortable, pants are a more suitable attire for any occasion. I could go out, to the store, or even a party/event in pants with confidence. It would have to be a very specific occasion or time of year for me to comfortably go out in shorts. Livin' in California...
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    Favourite animal?

    I have to go with the chameleon. Since I was little, I loved dinosaurs, but since they had to go and become extinct 65 million years ago before my existence, I generated an affinity to reptiles rather quickly. Everything from snakes to tortoises, I was just enamored with the verity and...
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    Poll: Summer Post-Mortem; Swimsuits

    I'd personally only wear my swim trunks; anything less and I'd probably die of embarrassment. For the ladies, similar deal: top, swim trunks, one piece or two piece. Fairs fair; I wouldn't want women to feel obligated to show off more skin than they'd like to if I'm not willing to do the same.
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    Poll: Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?

    I've lived in a small town all my life and I quite enjoyed it. I've traveled to big cities and while they are great and interesting places to visit from time to time, I'd certainly wouldn't want to live or raise a family there. Just my opinion.
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    Dealing with Flying

    I've been on two trips this year to the Midwest: one alone, taking two planes to my destination and two planes home; the other with a family member, with one plane to our destination and one back home. All of those trips were harrowing for me. I've only been on a plane once every 7-9 years...