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    Top Ten Sex Tips

    Nah, man. You have to keep it practical. Apartment bathtubs are barely big enough to fit one person, let alone two.
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    Top Ten Sex Tips

    Well, yeah, it's that simple. But, quite frankly, it gets boring. It's something I've griped about to my boyfriend before, and he agrees with me. There are so many different areas on women for guys to play with, but there's only like two or so things on guys for girls to play with. So when...
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    The Half-Naked Elf Problem

    The nudity factor in Tera is just ridiculous. It really makes me not want to play the game at all, despite the fact I find the combat to be completely fun. I just can't stand all of these naked women running around, and then hearing that the most naked a female character can get is wearing plate...
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    My Love For You Is Ticking Clock

    Actually, I never said guys are jerks for having lower sex drives and not initiating sex as much. In fact, I didn't blame any of it on the guy at all, and said it's an illogical reaction to unrealistic societal stereotypes, but that it doesn't make it any easier to ignore at times. But way to go...
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    My Love For You Is Ticking Clock

    It does mess with your head. I have a more active sex drive than my boyfriend, and I am literally the one initiating sex all the time. I know he thinks I'm hot, and I know he loves having sex with me, and I know that sex drives don't work the way TV sitcoms say they do, but it even messes with...
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    Your mom and gaming.

    The only game my mom ever really loved was Tetris on our big, fat, gray Game Boy. She used to rub it in our faces how she had the high score. That's funny because my sister and I were just 5 and 6 years old when she was trash talking us about how awesome she was at Tetris.
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    Poll: What sex do you play in RPG's?

    I play a girl character, and I am a girl. An instance when I don't play a girl character is when they're just hideous looking, or there's a feature on the male character that I want more. The only examples I can think of are WoW. I like male undeads better because of the option to take off the...
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    Poll: Homosexuality in Mass Effect 3

    Kaidan will still be a sissy ***** whether he's straight or not, so I don't really see what the problem is. I'm really tired of people blowing things like this out of proportion, like whether or not a game is still canon when new features are added is some kind of CRAZY CONTROVERSY! It's not...
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    I don't understand what people find so attractive about women. What is it and why?

    It's not objective. We're just made to believe it is. You see, if women are meant to be beautiful, then women who aren't inherently beautiful will try to become beautiful. That's why billions of dollars are spent on highlighting "beauty". If you highlight "beauty", and women do not have this...
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    Skyrim. R.I.P. Companions.

    Lydia was killed by a Spriggan. This was after tanking like 5 dragons. Way to go. I don't remember her name (the chick who you challenge to a brawl in the Whiterun Inn) couldn't figure out path-finding for the life of her and then died at the hands of some regular old hired mercs about an...
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    How do you like slay your dragons?

    Magic, shouts, and shield bashes. It's retarded how OP shield bashing is, but I certainly don't mind that it can even stop a dragon from spitting fire for a moment.
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    Poll: So... did Skyrim meet your personal expectations?

    I honestly expected it to be fairly mediocre, but I liked Oblivion (despite its flaws), so I figured I would like Skyrim as well. And it turns out I like Skyrim a LOT more than I liked Oblivion. I can't really explain why either, but it just seems like there's so much more to the game now. I...
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    Critically acclaimed games you didn't like.

    GTA4. I bought it for 5 bucks on Steam during a Christmas sale, played about 8 hours of it and decided I had wasted 5 bucks. I don't even understand how people thought it was so amazing. The game practically resets your progress after those 8 hours, and I wasn't starting over from scratch in a...
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    Last series/film that made you cry

    I was crying like a sissy little girl at that part. It's so weird, because they're all actors, but at the same time, it just felt so real, and I couldn't help but cry at it.
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    Why do some games think they need to be realistic?

    I think it's funny how people want "realism", but don't actually play games that have realism in them. I was watching my boyfriend play the MW3 campaign last night, and he was in a high speed chase with a subway train, or something like that, and people call CoD "realistic"? Are you shitting me...