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    The Nuka-World Cola Flavours

    A fictional soda drink in a alternative Earth set in the Fallout gameswhere everything is powered by Nuclear Energy and everything looks like thee 1960/70/80s. Nuke Cola is just their version of Coca Cola. OT: I awlays imagined that Quantom would taste like blueberry and and almost twice as...
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    Weird foods you enjoy.

    Jam and Butter sandwiches. At least all the kids in my School over a decade ago thought it was weird and called them disgusting at every oppurtunity.
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    Telltale Spin-Off The Walking Dead: Michonne Out on February 23

    The Boatmaster is always with you. Anyway she looks like a badass so I'm looking forward to this.
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    Poll: Find best beauties ?$? (/ *3*)/ ?$?

    After a masterfull debate with myself I came to the conclusion that I prefer women from Europe. Just seems whever I view any adult material I always end up looking at women from England or Czech or other places.
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    The strangest thing you've seen this week

    This. At least it's entertaining.
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    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Arrives This June

    Oh good, a decent Star Wars game.
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    No Episode VII Content in Battlefront Because Disney Won't Let EA "Break Canon"

    Plays Battle of Jaku, sees Darth Vader running around. Battle of Jaku takes place a year after ROTJ, where Vader died. Good job at keeping the cannon together EA.
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    Thanks Escapist

    I once won an Aero Easter Egg that had a giant bar of Mint Chocolate inside of it in a lottery. That was nealry 10 years ago and I'm pretty sure it's the only thing I've ever won. That and the love and respect of my friends and family. Awwwwwwwwww..... What a load of shit..
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    Cheese Ingredient Might Kill Cancer And Deadly Superbugs

    Nah I've had a Cheeseburger before. Not my thing. Wasn't as bad as that bright orange Burger I had once.
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    Cheese Ingredient Might Kill Cancer And Deadly Superbugs

    Meat and Cheese have no business being together. Thankfully I've been devouring Cheese pizzas for years now so I guess I'm the image of perfect helth.
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    Diablo 3's Biggest Patch Since RoS Launches Today

    If they love me so much why haven't they fixed some of the achievements on Xbox One. I have 4 lvl 70 but have yet to see the appropriate achievement pop up. Still, thanks for all the free cool stuff Blizzard.
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    Alan Rickman of Die Hard and Harry Potter Fame Passes Away At 69

    Goddammit 2016, did you have to kick start the new year with so much bad news. Every other celebrity who is 69 must be panicking right now.
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    Fallout 4 lovin' thread

    Thane Krios voice actor Keythe Farley is in there as well. The character he voices is pretty much a AU-Human version of Krios. Kinda.
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    Miscellaneous Fallout 4 Questions.

    For light sources you just need a source of power to be nearby for them to light up. So hanging a bunch of conductors along your wall with copper wire running between them should light most of them up. Any that don't might need to be moved around.