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    Poll: Has the Wii U scared you off buying an NX console?

    I'm waiting on more confirmed titles for the NX before deciding on my interest in it. The new Zelda isn't enough for me. It's the perfect time to reboot F-Zero but as usual Ninty will shove a watered down difficulty wise Mario Kart out the door which'll kill my interest in the NX like it did the...
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    PS2 emulator confirmed for PS4

    Hopefully it will let me use my trove of discs.
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    Idea: What if console users were given a choice in Framerate.

    Infamous Second Son and First Light have this option too.
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    Poll: How many games did you pay full price for this year?

    Only Destiny legendary edition. Got Arkham Knight with my PS4 but other than that I wait for sales.
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    Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Will Have Region-Locked Online Play

    Well this is gonna be a bigger flop than Francis Jeffers in an Arsenal shirt.
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    Games you want made but are fairly sure won't be made

    A new F Zero. However with Nintendo focusing on that crappy Mario Kart that really needs to be put to sleep like a terminally ill Yorkshire Terrier, a new F Zero will be really unlikely.
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    Games you never tire of playing

    The older Tony Hawk games. They're the pinnacle of a once great franchise.
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    Poll: Pokemon Champions: The Best Theme

    Gonna go with Lance. It felt like more of a final battle theme than the rest of them
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    No Singleplayer Campaign For Black Ops 3 on PS3/Xbox 360

    Kinda sad for those getting the last gen version, but it only shows that developers are being restricted by the decade old hardware for last gen releases. Won't be too long now before Sony and MS start to discontinue the PS3/360.
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    Let's talk frankly about Nintendo

    My only gripe with Nintendo is that they're not doing enough with the inactive IPs they have at their disposal. Sure there's a new Star Fox and Earthbound in development, but that's not enough to make me consider getting a Wii U. They'd need to announce a new F-Zero for me to consider...
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    What would you like to see added in Grand Theft Auto 6 that would make the game better than GTA5

    Darker content. The torture scene was really well done and a bit unsettling at the same time.
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    Games that you couldn't wait to quit

    Dynasty Warriors 7. As soon as I got the platinum I took the disc out and never played it again. The grinding required for it is obscene. Another big flaw with the game is that your characters can get really buffed up in the story missions, with no way of transferring those stats over to...
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    Battlefront on PC: no server browser/dedicated servers

    And announcing the return of Premium before the game launches.
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    Wal-Mart selling Marth Amiibo for $28

    Crikey, that much for a piece of plastic assembled by a kid in a sweatshop? Damn.
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    Poll: Which game you liked the most from Arkham series?

    City for me. Whilst I enjoyed Knight, I didn't get as much enjoyment out of it as I did City.