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    What makes you headbang? Bang your fucking head off!
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    Poll: To Halo or not to Halo...4...That is the question.

    Consider me a fanboy, but I simply cannot envision there being such a thing as too much Master Chief. There can never be such a thing as too much Master Chief. I could go without the Arbiter this time around though, at least the whiny Arbiter that he has been up to now. I want the Arbiter from...
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    Halo 4 Leaked

    And on a related note. Why shouldn't they make another Halo game? Having played all of them multiple times and having enjoyed every single one thus far, I think they have a damn good precedent to work on here. Nothing in Reach or 3 even remotely closed the door on the Halo universe so there...
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    Halo 4 Leaked

    Did anyone seriously think that MS was going to let Halo die with Reach? How naive do you have to be?!
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    Please, give us anything but Russia

    lets not jump the gun. Do we know for a fact that its Russia, as in the state of the Russian Federation, that is the antagonist in MW3? Granted, the teasers had a Russian guy in them... but if you recall the most recent trailer, I believe, one thing that the guy says is that you don't need a...
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo: Reach

    Late to the party, but I do have to say that Y-man has been unfair to this game as well as other Halo FPSs. For one thing, and it is a BIG thing with the current trend in FPS design, the Halo games were the only ones that compelled me to replay them on a higher difficulty setting and actually...
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    Trailers: Shadows of the Damned: Enlarge Your Johnson

    What's wrong with some juvenile humour in a game? Stop getting your panties in a bunch. If the game-play puts out and the presentation delivers, who cares about the dick jokes? (especially if they are, lets face it, pretty well delivered) To my knowledge only two types of people: a) those who...
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    Poll: Homosexuality

    How the hell does one "support" homosexuality? Do you mean do I spend charity dollars on it? No. Do you mean I promote it as the preferable alternative? No. One does not support homosexuality, even as a homosexual. One either accepts homosexual behavior as a permissible alternative (which does...
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deep

    Never was an issue for me. First question: was Heimdall portrayed effectively? Answer: Yes. Excellent casting. No more questions. Hell, they could have had an Asian play Heimdall, the only question I would have is: can he bring on the bad-ass? Do I get the sense that I'm looking at one of...
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    So... No one is starting a charity drive for spain...

    Hmmm, well lets see... 10 killed in Spain vs. over 10000 killed in Japan.... hmmmm, what is the more pressing issue? Where would charity dollars do the most good. Hmmm..... HMMMMMMMMMM! More seriously now. When you're comparing two different events and ask why people care about one and not...
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    Microsoft buys Skype

    Why are people automatically freaked out over MS? Windows (at least up to 7) notwithstanding, MS has a decent record of service. And lets face it, Skype had a shit-ton of problems with its service, free or otherwise.
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    Miracle of Sound: Commander Shepard

    I post this before listening because I have full confidence that MoS simply cannot, would not, deliver anything short of excellence in taking on as rich a source as ME. EDIT: And I was not at all disappointed. Spot on, MoS, you really can't be better than Commander Shepard.
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    Miracle of Sound: The Ballad of Clay Carmine

    Oh Carmine, if only he followed the first rule of COG. Good work, this is a ballad worthy of its name.
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    Miracle of Sound: Santiago's Lament

    Very nice, this really captured Dom's story well.
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    Miracle of Sound: Fire in Your Hole (Bulletstorm)

    Another timeless classic. Keep it up fellas.