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    The game that got you into gaming

    Back when I was five, my parents used to play Diablo. Something about exploring subterranean catacombs with a trusty weapon just kinda... stuck.
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    Poll: Replaying Games: What Types of Games and Why?

    I replay games only if they are meant for a new game+ or I don't recall its events well enough. I don't see much of a point replaying a game that I have finished before if I'm not tweaking the difficulty or choosing a different path. Occasionally, I replay particularly magnificent games (for...
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    If your dreams would be real...

    I'm riding a steam train made of wine gums through Silent Hill when Asura challenges me to chocolate tiddlywinks. I'm pretty sure I was dropped on my head as a child.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Tops Guinness' "Greatest Videogame Ending" List

    I try to tolerate humanity and this is what it does to repay me. What happened to the games that had beautiful endings? Why aren't they on the list? What about Silent Hill 2? Or Persona 3? Or The 3rd Birthday?
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    Video Game Name Generator Game

    "Viking bazooka fortress" A viking-based online deathmatch with themed maps and your main weapon as a bazooka?
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    Turn to your right. Lick it. What does it taste like?

    Turn your head sideways to the right. Lick whatever is in front of you. What can you taste?
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    Two words

    Me gusta.
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    Is there a dev company whose games you will play, no questions asked?

    I wouldn't necessarily buy every game without question, but Atlus, Square Enix, Blizzard and Valve all deserve my consideration.
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    Old games you are still playing?

    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, Resident Evil, Stranglehold and Parasite Eve.
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    Blatant Lies

    I am Rebecca Black.
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    The Improvement Game.

    By giving awards to the most peculiar ones. How would you improve a painting?
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    Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

    His hair was too much. His friend couldn't take it anymore.
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    Decribe your favorite game of all time in 5 words WITHOUT mentioning any specific names.

    I guess touhou! Am I correct? And I might have just revitalized the thread.
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    Things like Diablo 2, Final Fantasy VI, TES: Skyrim, Persona 3 and 4, System Shock 2 rate quite high on my list.
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    Your most biggest video game rage.

    The Shin Megami Tensei series, with those god awful instant-death spells.