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    Controversial God of War: Ascension Trophy To Be Renamed

    After watching the actual scene on YouTube I really don't get what the fuss is about? Sure, he beats her in a completely gruesome way but a moment later she's back to normal and unscathed. I'm not into games or movies with gore but I think this achievement has been really blown out of proportion.
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    Jimquisition: Fake Nerd Girls

    Poser girls tend to have a negative impact on the rest of us because we then end up having to 'prove ourselves' for some reason. I've had countless people ask me to speak on the mic just to prove that I am actually a girl and even then some say it's "my sister" and so on. I don't really get why...
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    Food that everyone dislikes that you like

    Me too, I love gherkins they're so tasty. Most people I know are indifferent to them or don't eat them. I also put them on a Chicken Temptation from Subway. Yum.
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    The most emberassing thing you've done?

    I don't really have any minus one from early High school, so it was at least 10 years ago. It had been raining so the fields outside were quite damp. Me and my friends use to eat lunch by the picnic tables, which were on the top of a steep but small hill. You may be able to guess the next bit...
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    What is your favourite Super Nintendo game?

    Yoshi's Island. A Link to the Past. Super Mario World. Super Tennis (may sound weird but had a lot of fun times playing it with my sister)
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    Microsoft or Sony Dropping Out of the Hardware Business, Predicts Gaikai

    Yeah right, I don't see that happening in the UK any time soon. Most people here have atrocious Internet as BT or Virgin won't run proper cables in most areas making the average user stuck with less than 3 Meg down. How can both me and my boyfriend stream games over that sort of connection? I...
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    Skyward Sword

    I enjoy Zelda games but I was slightly disappointed by Skyward Sword for a few reasons. I enjoy the art style (minus Link's weird face) but I definitely agree with the terrible motion controls. All the times I have got annoyed so far with the game have been when the controls have reacted too...
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    "Girl Gamer Syndrome"

    I do get a little tired of girls who make the rest of us look bad by acting like they're a big deal. I cringe when they go "I may be a girl but I can still kick your ass at " or something along those lines. It's just plain embarrassing. I've also had guys try and bully me due to playing...
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    I really hate the size ratios that have been decided for the site's design. The padding is too small, most text is too small and to top it all off the colour scheme then makes that small text hard to read. You have so much horizontal screen space these days (as a lot of people have widescreen...
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    Adult Escapists: What do you do for a living?

    I'm a software engineer for a web applications company.
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    Jimquisition: Used Games Have A Right To Exist

    Used games can be the only way of getting your hands on a game sometimes. An example is when I got Skies of Arcadia Legends (the GCN port), which I could only find on Ebay at the time.
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    Price Cut Announcement Halves 3DS Sales

    If you stopped not releasing all the cool titles here Nintendo (I'm looking at the Wii here) you'd probably have more money. I won't be buying a 3DS until there are some unique titles for it. Not a new mario, not a port of a game I owned when it came out - something new. So I guess that...
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    [UPDATE] Sony and Rockstar: Neither L.A. Noire Nor Firmware Overheating PS3 Consoles

    So you're blaming the QA department even though I imagine you've never worked in one before? Most bugs submitted by the QA department these days that aren't class A or bugs with a very high frequency get ignored in the last few months due to the "we can fix the problem after release" philosophy...
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    Rumor: PSN Hackers Already Have Third Attack Ready to Go

    This is becoming ridiculous. All it will do is effect jobs and consumers. They need to grow up.
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    Sony Offers "Sincerest Apologies" for PSN Attack

    Makes me glad I have never used my cards on PSN but it's nice that they apologised and explained everything in more detail. Whoever did this was very selfish.