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    Clearly you never tasted the flame-y fun in Rising Storm. No Banzai charge can repel fire of that magnitude!
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    I hate Earbuds!! Headset options?

    Hah. Those are the same exact line of headphones I've been using for years. Solid Sony-quality audio, affordable, comfortable, and best of all they don't feel like my head's getting squeezed head in a vice. (My head still hurts just thinking about some cheap Sennheiser headphones I tried a few...
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    Doki Doki literature club killed someone
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    STALKER 2 announced. coming 2021

    You make a fair point, I suppose it would warrant further investigation since I wasn't paying attention to a lot of these details back when it was going on (2008-2011-ish), I just remember some back and forth controversy over it.
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    Roseanne cancelled

    Your ignorance is most amusing. Please, do continue.
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    STALKER 2 announced. coming 2021

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    Active Shooter; thoughts on it?

    From what I hear it's an asset flipper, that alone guarantees it as a piece of garbage.
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    The purge of adult games.

    Why not both? (If I was actually a weeb I'd totally photoshop a combined abomination and post it...)
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    Let's Talk About ZP:

    Mainly the show, though I did read the book years later. The show combined a lot of my favorite kinds of themes growing up. Ancient/lost civilizations, mythology, dinosaurs, and a little bit of that "trapped in a tropical environment" sort of theme (like in Swiss Family Robinson). The characters...
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    Let's Talk About ZP:

    A fair point. I do remember the basic jist of the setting, but that was... quite a while ago, so I probably did miss a few things. Still, like you said, the setting just didn't really do it for me. I mean I love dinosaurs, grew up on them as a kid, but the sheer lack of civilizations or ruins...
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    Let's Talk About ZP:

    Humanoid npc's, which opens up a lot more possibilities, especially for PVE-play. A world with an actual setting, history, and an attention to detail that actually makes exploring genuinely fun, interesting, and sometimes terrifying The Purge/invasion system. Something that I think Terraria...
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    STALKER 2 announced. coming 2021

    We'll have to see what happens. I think one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the original developers have long since gone their separate ways, but maybe they put together a solid enough team of developers who can both appreciate and understand the previous games in the series.
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    Let's Talk About ZP:

    To each their own I suppose. I've been finding the game pretty enjoyable. It's basically everything that ARK should've been and more, even though they're entirely different settings. The crafting system could use a bit of improvement though, I'll agree. And ZP's amusing point about not being...
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    No Mans Sky adding full multiplayer in July

    Yeah, I can understand that. Especially when you get into a lot of the artistic side of things, and trying to flesh out a proper setting and such in every aspect, and pulling off the right presentation. Still, I'm kind of blindly optimistic, largely because of how easy I've been finding it...