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    Poll: The Order 1886 - Our critics are bullies

    I'm quite happy with shorter games, what makes me pass on The Order 1886 is the fact that my regular online store are asking £49 for it. Which is about £10+ more than I usually buy games for. So, in this case the game being shorter than expected is something taken into account by myself. I fully...
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    Zero Punctuation: Five Nights at Freddys and This War of Mine

    Horror is a difficult thing to achieve in games, and it can sometimes fall on personal tastes. I love Silent Hill 2 but Dead Space is an action game to me, devoid of horror and piled high with the jump scares like it's afraid of loosing your attention. However P.T. has a very effective jump...
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    Was Star Trek (2009) responsible for killing the Stargate franchise?

    I don't think so, I'm a huge fan of SG1 & Atlantis, but I feel the franchise wore itself out at the end (although this somewhat more applies to SG1 than Atlantis). Stargate carries on in the official novels, picking up after the Atlantis final episode too, so I never really felt the franchise...
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    Looking for some Stargate fan fiction

    Have you tried the official novels? They are pretty good and new ones come out all the time for Atlantis and SG1.
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    Quick question about the PS4

    No. You cannot see any of these older games, only PS4 games through the PSN store. I have a Vita and I cannot even download a PS1 game to copy across to the device.
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    Just Announced: Dragon Quest Heroes is DQ Dynasty Warriors-Style

    Ugh, this game just dropped of my radar. I only heard the name of the game, and no details, but I was expecting a JRPG. I can't get into the Dynasty Warriors' games.
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    Watch the Beginning of the New TMNT's Final Fight With Shredder

    Nope. Still not going to see it. I don't know what I expected but the scene, while not bad, still doesn't sell this film to me.
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    Fable 3 is a hated game?

    I thought the game series took a similar route to Mass Effect, it streamlined to the point of loosing its initial charm. I remember playing it and been quite bored, never to pick the game up again after that initial play through.
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    BioShock To Be Released on iOS

    Would I play it? Not a chance. The control scheme must be horrible, unplayable virtual analogue garbage. I'm not so bothered about the inevitable graphical downgrade, but all the FPS or third person games I played so far have been annoying and frustrating, resulting me in deleting the app about...
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    Poll: How much Harry Potter have you experienced?

    I read the first book on a plane, as it was my only choice, didn't like it one bit so I never read any of the follow up books. I saw the movie of another one at christmas with family, it too never clicked with me so I have never seen any of the others. I'm a big fan of fantasy type things, but...
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    So Oddworld: New n Tasty has just came out on the PS4...

    Does it justify the price? I would have gladly picked the game up for under £10 (PSN impulse purchase territory), but closer to £20 (it's £17.99) and I want to see if I will get my monies worth.
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Kill the Intruders - Hands on - Update

    Wow, this manages to capture the exact game I want from Rainbow Six. But that dialogue made me cringe so badly...
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    Rik Mayall RIP

    He was a big part of my childhood, comedy will never be the same again...
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    Lara Croft Returns in Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I imagine it was to hide the scratches and cuts, did you see those hands!
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    The Division Gameplay Demands Teamwork (Update: Story Trailer)

    Skill, in an Ubisoft game, ahahahahahahahahaha... Don't make me laugh, it'll be like Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs. Sanitised and bland, with too much handholding.