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    Mass effect gets hi-res tex- wait...zomg Tali's face!

    The only female I could really like was Miranda. Jack was annoy as shit, with her overactive hatred for everything. Tali was alright but come on, she's an engineer. Samara sounded like she was too far up her own ass to really be taken seriously. Maybe I liked Miranda so much was because she...
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    A possible conflict between Daedra?

    Defently think that's the best best. One way or another, my Nord Dovahkin will hitch a ride on Akatosh for a good drink in Sovengaard. Yea, he's got style like that :)
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    Your Ideal Skyrim DLC

    I want to see an expansion that fixes companion AI and control. Make us able to give orders, set battle plans, and have more than one follower. And following that note, I want to see a massive questline that makes the Thalmor rise and start an offensive strike. Bottom line, I want to grab...
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    The Next Elder Scrolls

    My thoughts exactly. The best part, in my opinion, is the Dwemer ruins, so why not see it expanded and populated. Not to mention it could open up a whole new skill tree, like smithing, but make it to include crafting companions and such from soul gems and metal. Imagine having the Dwarven...
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    The Next Elder Scrolls

    So Skyrim has come out and it honestly can't get much better in my eyes. I had been predicting a Skyrim game since 2007, so now I'm trying to think where they'll have the next installment to the series. To me, I think a game purely on the dwarves and how they came to rise and fall would be...
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    Which games do you think have limitless playability?

    Oblivion and so far Skyrim. I have a feeling Skyrim will have a tough time wearing off on me. As for shooters, almost all the Bad Company will hold my title as best online FPS.
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    Stormcloaks are too mainstream.

    I'd say one of the only reasons I sided with the Stormcloaks with my Nord is that I wanted to Roleplay a man who truly was a Nord in every way. Taking talos from the Nords is like taking Thor or Oden away from the true nords. Good or evil doesn't really concern my nord, he just wants to see...
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    Your Skyrim Character

    When in Skyrim... Nord one handed warrior with good destruction. Working on blocking and have a good heavy armor and smithing. Currently siding with the Stormcloak Because he hates two things: Vampires and Elves. Joined the companions immediately and is a Lycan. Working on building up the...
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    Angry Music Spreads Hate and Aggression ?!?!?

    Well, this is a huge suprise. Don't really care honestly, won't stop me from listening to it
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    Duke of Dementia

    I haven't played SI in a while, but I'm pretty sure you are stuck with the house you choose. All you really get out of the house is a piece of armor anyway.
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    Trailers: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Concept Art Trailer

    God damnit. This is not helping my need to get this gamme immediately.
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    Poll: Should I get D.C Universe Online now that it's free?

    Might aswell. There's still time until Skyrim comes out
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    Most pleasing game and most disappointing game this gen

    Most Pleasing: Mass Effect 2. This game had one of the best and most fluid squad combat systems I've played. The writing was just amazing and the combat was hours of entertainment. The mining mini game was a bit annoying, but the fact that I probed uranus makes up for it :) Most...
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    The protagonist in the last game you played is hunting you.

    So then I guess my level 37 Daedra from Oblivion is attacking me. God damnit, why did I have to mod him so heavily?
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    Poll: How many on the Escapist dislike anime?

    Couldn't be more right. Except anime is just shit to begin with.