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    Star Wars Gets Its First Canonical LGBT Character

    Yay! One more besides Juhani... There's still a statistically ridiculous absence of LGBT characters in that universe. I guess the Force makes everyone super straight.
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    Poll: Would you change your gender?

    Sure, I'd try it for a month. I'm a CIS woman but I'm sure I would make a good-looking man :P And it would be interesting trying out penis stuff. Having male genitalia seems a bit unpractical to be honest, but have to try the sex, the peeing standing up etcetera. Also, the cosplay...
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    Movies all females must watch before they die (and come back to life as super scary zombies)

    Zombies, you say? Braindead, the sweetest and funniest romantic comedy of them all! Can't remember if there are any explosions in it, but why no explosions anyway? Stupid rule.
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Specialisations: What did you pick, why and did you like it?

    Rift Mage because roleplaying. My mage is very interested in gaining knowledge about this whole rift business. Also inspired by smexy elfy boyfriendu :P
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    The Canonical Race of the Inquistor.

    I agree. Nothing is canon, but I think the story works best if you're playing whatever character can romance the smexy apostate mage of respective game ;) For DA:O that means male, for DA:I that's the female elf.
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    How do we categorise games like dear ester, gone home and depression quest?

    Question: A 2D visual novel style of game with a branching story, skill points, skill checks and a relationship system, that has fail states and death but is only advanced through dialogue choices and training skills strategically - would that be an RPG, a visual novel or both? Could you...
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    Monster Energy drink is the work of Satan...Apparently

    Sure, that could be an interpretation. Using the Devil for marketing works. The milfs dig it.
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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    That quote...! Goosebumps. The cheesy bits about love was really good, but what really got to me was the frailty of our existence, the desperate struggle for mankind's survival, helped and hindered by our own nature. It gives some perspective and new appreciation for life and for love. I...
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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    Definitely! The best film of the year and the best film in a long time. I also just came back from seeing it and sure it has got flaws (i explains a bit too much to a presumed stupid audience who's incapable of wrapping their minds around good hard sci-fi), but as a whole - wow, just wow...
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    Female Gamers of Bioware games

    This. The well written story, the characters, the choices, the voice acting, the immersive world and world building lore. And I'm not an afterthought. Bioware is a very inclusive and progressive game developer and I love them for that as much as I love them for being awesome in every other way.
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    Poll: Survival. By any means necessary.

    Well Creutzfeld-Jakob's disease, but at least risking that is better than dying of starvation then and there. So yes, I'd try the delicious long pork.
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    Poll: What browser do you use?

    Internet Explorer and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. IT'S HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! *curls up into fetal position and cries bitter tears* Old habits die hard I guess. I'm just so used to the layout.
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    The Agent Carter Teaser Does Not Suck

    "Sometimes the best man for the job - is a woman" Sheesh marketing department. You make it sound so ground-breaking (which it might have been in the 40's 50's, but not to today's audience).
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    Little things that make game worlds more immersive

    Toilets. A detail that is sometimes overlooked is that people generally need to eat and go to the bathroom. I like games that are realistic in including this.
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    Poll: Do you believe the Friend Zone exists?

    Yes, unrequited love happens and it sucks and its okay to be sad and whine about it. It stops being okay, however, when you start blaming the person who rejected you, that's just selfish and dickish. From my experience, the people who use the phrase "friend zone" are usually the ones being...