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    How do I get into the first fallout?

    oh, and Speech. don't forget that.
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    How do I get into the first fallout?

    Try this. Jinxed + 10 Luck. make a custom character so you can do that. you gave up too early. now go, my child, create hilarious, wonderful carnage! just worry about Lockpicking, Science, and the weapon type of your choice. post results.
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    good. don't. it attracts the worst of humanity. 4chan is equatable to a rational, sane human being compared to Tumblr.
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    What to do about a friend that constantly challenges your opinion on things?

    Ditch him. he's not your friend. just stop talking to him for a while.
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    How do I get into the first fallout?

    if you don't like it, try going through the game for a few hours, then judge whether you want to play it more or not. games like fallout take a while before they start growing on you. or just don't play it. that also works. go play a game that you think is better.
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    Newton Residents Vote to Tear Down Sandy Hook Elementary, Rebuild for $50 Million

    eh, look on the bright side, at least it'll create jobs maybe. possibly. hopefully. *sigh* please just get something good out of this.
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    cross-dressing as punishment?

    Why? corporal punishment (a.k.a spankings when young) and then grounding (creating a mental leash for an older teen by using his or her stuff as collateral) are far more effective and cause less emotional scars. it's cruel to do to a boy since all it will achieve is getting him mocked due...
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    Is Nintendo holding the industry back?

    Ironically, the company who doesn't change their main games much is actually the last bastion of creativity that the industry has. Nintendo is ahead of the times, it ain't holding anything back.
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    Ads that have made you want to avoid the product.

    All of the ads suck, actually, save a few. All of the beer ads all suck because they're still doing the "only manly men drink beer" shit, even though we're going through another women's rights wave, so it always seems sexist and the men in the commercial end up looking like a bunch of self...
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    Would you kill the Joker?

    yes, i would kill him. if this were real life, I'd kill the son of a *****. anybody that gets anywhere near a triple digit bodycount in civilian society kinda needs to be killed for the good of humanity. considering the guy's record with not staying in the asylum, if you can't contain someone...
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    Saints Row IV "Low Violence" Version Appears in Australia

    Dear Australian Censor Board FUCK YOU Rightly angry, Everyone in Australia.
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    Microsoft "Has Alienated" the U.S. Military With Xbox One

    hey, we're nuking our own country, it's a civil war, not a world war, bucko. 'murica isn't the entire world, you know. it'll be a world war for microsoft, though, they think that 'murica is the only thing in the world.
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    Say something positive about the xbox one

    but why would you be in a situation to be banned in the first place? why would you even try to be close to that situation? the point's nulled.
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    Say something positive about the xbox one

    something positive? okay, here goes. well, the most positive thing that I can think of is that I'll save a lot of money. because I won't be buying the Xbone. *badumfuckingtish* *mike drop* I'm out.
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    UPDATE: Minecraft's Xbox One Incarnation Won't Transfer Saves

    it will also suck donkey unmentionables due to being on the xbone.