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    I need help...shining shoes.

    That works whenever you have the quartermaster already off, but thanks anyway.
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    I need help...shining shoes.

    Long story short, I am enrolled in a ROTC program, and I need to find the best way to remove the quartermaster from shoes (quartermaster is the protective coating on the shoes, and it looks kinda "rainbowy"). The shoes I have right now just won't polish, and the quartermaster isn't coming off...
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    I need help.

    This happened when my friend got too many viruses on his computer (exactly 14,382). I don't really have an expert opinion, but your computer might just be infected. If not, then the hard drive is either damaged or is dying from old age.
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    Poll: How Often/When Do You Roleplay?

    At least once every 2-3 days. I play a lot of D&D, you see, and I am the DM. In short, it's my job to role play.
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    Poll: Worst Movie EVAH???

    Plan 9 from Outer Space. After about twenty minutes I wanted to kill myself with the bluntest, most harmless object I could find, just so that I could feel the pain. Yes, I am exaggerating.
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    D&D,Who plays?

    I'm a DM for a game of D&D 3.25 (It's somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5, so I just call it that). As for a player, I play a Ranger 10/Guardblade 3 (custom class) named Grey (not shitting you).
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    Poll: An Experiment of Sorts: What Would you do?

    In that case, prepare for the worst and expect the best. I wouldn't barge up there for just that, but if it continued, I would have to prepare myself as best as I could. My father and I actually have an agreement: "If shit goes down, I'll come for you. If shit goes down, you'll come for me."...
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    Most Touching Songs

    These songs. The first one basically explains what I had to do for a friend recently, and what another friend had to do for me as I sat on the other end of a phone with a gun in my mouth. The second one shows how we have all moved on, and how we are all connected by the same feelings and...
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    Poll: An Experiment of Sorts: What Would you do?

    I would grab a gun or a knife and help my dad, of course. No sense in letting my father be murdered while I sit downstairs in the dark. Or, if you prefer me to pick something in the parameters of being a little cocksuck, I suppose I choose the one titled "Try to find something else to climb...
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    Wierdest or Best Street Performer you've seen

    I saw a guy in San Francisco last week who had a sign saying "I need money for weed so that I can perform better." I assumed he meant he needed the weed to play his guitar better (as one was laying right next to him) so that he would get more money performing on the streets. I still wonder why...
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    Poll: What race do anime characters look like to you?

    I generally think that most anime characters look white, but that's just me. Then again, I am of the cracker-ese race, so I might be superimposing myself onto the characters.
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    Pervert uses Call of Duty to pick up teenage boys

    Typed words cannot express the comical joy which is surging through me. The only thing that can make this even sadder is if kids actually sent him pictures... oh my God, they did! This just jumps to a new level of low. The guy should have gotten a greater punishment than whatever the court...
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    Poll: Porn.

    I enjoy it. Sure, the people in them are whores, but who cares?
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    Poll: is the BP oil spill in america equivilent to chernobyl?

    No. It sucks balls, but it doesn't equate to a nuclear meltdown. It pisses me off that I can't go to the fucking beach this weekend for god knows how long, and that the environment is being raped and that the local economy is being pissed on, but it doesn't really compare.
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    Latest thing to make you laugh out loud

    <img src=> My grandparents have this picture in their house (sans the demotivational), and it just looked funny. This image pops up on /b/ from time-to-time, and I remember saying "Who the hell would have that picture?"