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    New Transformers Game Comes Over All Emotive

    I probably wont play this game but my skin did tingle a bit when Grimlock appeared:'D I'm a fan!
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    Is everyone pick Argonian for the water breathing?
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    has everyone pick Argonian for the water breathing?
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    Male Argonian called Grimlock Fett BOOYAH!
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    I ALWAYS lick my own blood if I cut my finger at work. Its your own blood, anyone who gets freaked out by that is the weirdo in my book!
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    So... My sister is marrying a traveller

    They're a lot like Ghouls in fallout3! Some are nice and can even help you out! Most of what you see and hear is bad! And the majority that you meet are feral and need putting down! I hate reavers!! (Edit} Based on the fact that the majority of stories involving travelers are bad in my...
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    So... My sister is marrying a traveller

    I don't judge them all the same but when the fair is in town the crime rate goes up. I got started on by a guy after accidentally bumping his shoulder and apologizing in a club. He reacted by pushing me backwards and ripping his shirt off! The bouncer told me to walk away because they were...
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    Poll: Isn't crying about the deceased pointless?

    I didn't cry when I found out my dad had died or at the funeral! I did however bawl my eyes out when I tried to tell my friend and after the funeral when I was with just my brother and sister because I couldn't hold it all in anymore! The pain of losing a loved one is immense and sometimes the...
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    The Next Space Marine

    I just spent my afternoon playing it from start to finish. I don't known much about the warhammer universe but Ive always enjoyed a good hack n slash! Borrowed it off my housemate and smashed through it in 5 hours. I'd play a sequel or even a prequel but I dunno if there was enough variety as...
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    Would naming my kid "Vault" be a detriment to him in life? Or a bonus giving him instant geek-cred?

    You'd beat people up if you didn't like their name? IRL or OTI?
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    Why All the Hate on Naruto?

    I'm not DAVID Bowieeeeeeeeeeeee Naruto: SMOKING HELPS ME BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Misconceptions you hate!

    I hate when women say that all men are the same! I actually hate any broad sweeping generalizations! Sure there are alot of people who are very alike but we're all different. For better or worse! WE ARE BORG ftw! Did you intentionally spell woman like that?
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    Fallout: *Insert City Here*

    Fallout: Trumpington (my village) Its not big enough for a full game so maybe DLC! Epic missions such as "A group of rowdy youths have been riding their shitty bee in a tin can moped up and down the street. Stop them" Then you get the usual options of how to stop them Diplomacy Disception...
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    So, hipsters.

    By calling yourself a "hipster" dont you automatically become not a a hipster?