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    Eddie Murphy Returns to Beverly Hills Cop Series

    Well shit. I am just going to go kill my self now. *Lights self on fire then throws self down the grand canyon*
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    Eddie Murphy Returns to Beverly Hills Cop Series

    This means that Eddie will act like Eddie instead of whatever the hell was happening in After Earth? 10/10, 5 stars, best movie ever.
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leaked, Releases November 4 - Update

    Damnit they made the game look interesting, that means I might end up buying it if it's actually any good.
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    Final Fantasy X remastered soundtrack

    I like new soundtrack. Then again... I take it back...
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    What do you hope to see at E3?

    /Episode 3 Seriously a new Ratchet and Clank game would sell me a PS4, Jak and Daxter perhaps? Or even less likely Final Fantasy X-3 is currently a thing that could happen and I would jump on that like a trampoline.
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    Does fallout new vegas have post story sandbox gameplay?

    Once you finish the last quest it loads a save from before you started it so you can go do those thousands of quests you didn't do.
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    Raphael and Donatello Revealed in New TMNT Trailer

    Ew, EW, EWWWWW! I don't even... Why? Michael Bay ruins everything part I don't freaking care. Even if he is producing and not making.
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    Probably watching my parents playing the Sims, first game I played on a PC was Half Life 2.
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    Has any game series improved with every sequel?

    You could say the Ratchet and Clank series did that, the first game was decent, the second game was better in almost every way and the third game improved even more.
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    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    Pretty sure you had to get 100% to get the Mascot dressphere in the original version of the game. And the story was mostly pretty retarded, it had it's moments, a lot of the Farplane didn't feel like a 3 year old wrote it, but everything else was kinda... Yeah...
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    Favorite Tony Hawk game?

    THUG 2 is my favorite, it had the most fluid skating, best levels (Pro Skater is such a stupidly awesome level) and the Havoc events are a fun little thing.
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    Funniest kills

    In TF2 I airblasted a rocket and an enemy pyro airblasted it back, we had a bit of a tennis game until a scout ran in the way, got hit by the rocket killing both the other pyro and himself. I laughed.
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    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    Yeah, it's that one, the story is kinda all over the place but the gameplay is so smooth I couldn't care less. A remaster came out recently so you could get that.
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    Games you like but are ashamed to admit you like?

    Final Fantasy X-2 is my favorite game ever. I can't really explain why I like it but I still think it is an amazing game that everybody overlooks.