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    Poll: girl problems

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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 2: A Tale of a Priest Lord

    But how can you play without a priest!?
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    Apologize on behalf of your country

    I APOLOGISE FOR NOTHING!! But seriously. I'm Australian. We have nothing to apologise for, except maybe, Kevin Rudd? I doubt most people know who he is :P
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    What was invented in your country?

    The Clothes Line.
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    Poll: BOOKS!!!

    The First Law series by Joe abercrombie is fantastic. So are the first 5 books of the Dark Tower Series. The last 2, especially book 7, kinda die.
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    Poll: Which do you prefer? Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece?

    Naruto was boring as hell, One Piece was annoying and bleach has shitty filler. But I watched the new episode of Bleach every time one comes out, so Bleach it is!
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    TIME top 5 games of the year

    Anon E. Moose were the ones that voted Moot as man of the year. There was a vote on or whatever and Anon blitzed it to get Moot to numero uno. Similarly, Anon also voted the age that actresses should start nude scenes should be changed to 6 years old. Haha, good times.... OT:Shit...
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    What game is your gold standard?

    Dragon Quest 8 is the Gold standard of JRPG. That is all.
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    Poll: Death and All His Friends...

    I'd just choose when and ask for some far flung date like January 26 3011.
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    If you had the ability to switch your gender?

    Back and forth. At will. Uhh.... FUCK YES. Pardon my french.
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    Games your surprised are popular

    Haha, I was gunna say halo to troll. But seriously, that game is pretty monotonous.
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    Your thoughts on Day 1 PAID DLC

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
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    Marvel vs. DC

    Generally, I'm a marvel man. However, recently I've been getting into the Green Lantern series', particularly Blackest Night. Oh, and old Batman is aces.
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    Escape to the Movies: Buried

    Dude, we would be honored if bob would review a GOOD australian movie. Not this peace o shit. Anyone without nostalgia and reference points from the books is gonna be left behind a little because the plot is pretty iffy on details. It was pretty close to a Michael Bay flick with worse actors and...