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    Plans For Your Next Birthday?

    Feh... my 25th was the big Wine & Cheese shindig. My 26th will likely consist of me taking the lead course (rock climbing) and then having a drink to celebrate. I'm done with big birthdays for a while, methinks. I might have one at 35 to celebrate reaching my sexual peak (a big, sexy party with...
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    Skyrim spawns a meme.

    Well shit, now that you've said it, you know it's coming. Cats find their way into everything.
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    Do you feel like your posts are insignificant?

    I post if I don't think my response is going to provoke someone to start an argument with me. Not even a debate, but if I think I'll get yelled at, I won't post. As you can imagine, I lurk in the Off-Topic areas a lot where general questions are asked... stuff about favourite foods, stuff about...
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    What should you guys be doing right now?

    Probably anything else. I should fold laundry. I should go get my bunny. I should bring the budgie in here so he can chatter at me and the weather channel (what? shut up). I should get the hell off my bed and brush my teeth and things that allow me to eventually leave for work. I should also...
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    I could be talking to the entirely wrong group of people about this, but here we go anyways

    I'll pretty much go with this. If the tantrums result in a 'Fine, you can play' then he's learned that the tantrums work. Get that kid outside while he's still young enough to set into routines.
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    Horse Meat ban Lifted in US

    I actually had a discussion with a friend recently about whether or not eating horse was legal. I was thinking about steak and it occurred to me that horses and big and muscular and probably covered in delicious horse steak. That said, I'd feel kind of weird eating it, only because it's a...
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    Poll: Do you play an instrument?

    Clarinet, flute, sax, guitar, viola to some extent, cello to roughly the same extent, and I sing a lot. Like in the shower. Or when no one's around, like right now.
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    Post a picture that describes you well...

    I was going to go with something like this, in that there's a fuckload of stuff going on in my mind at any given time and would probably look and sound like static to everyone else. Also, I've become aware that there's a constant background game of Tetris going on.
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    How come there's no Sports Forum?

    I never talk about sports here because I've never seen anyone else do it. By chance, are you mourning over the Phillies game from last night? I sure am.
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    Utah Man Jailed For Alleged Wiimote Rape

    Upon reading headline link: "WAT" Upon reading article and responses: "*frown* Wii-motes don't go there, sir." And then it hits me how unbelievably horrible and painful that experience would have been. Now I'm just nauseous. Especially since there were supposed witnesses and no one stepped...
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    Westboro Baptist Church, Wikileaks Troll Steve Jobs' Death

    *sigh* oh, WBC. You crazy bastards. I can't even get mad about them anymore because... I don't know, things get so silly sometimes that I just can't help but feel like we're all being trolled, you know? It's just too ridiculous to be true sometimes. Also, I'm not sure how Steve Jobs "taught sin."
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    Yorkshire Pudding!

    Delicious Sunday dinner. On top of some pasta dish tonight, there's also home-made macaroni and cheese. I call overload on pasta, but it's all delicious, so I can't complain.
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    Can there be a gay character in a children's show?

    Not a problem, in my opinion. I don't think it's something kids would really notice or think about, anyway. One example would be Tinky-Winky from the Teletubbies - purple, triangle, purse.
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    Xbox LIVE Is Hitching A Ride With Windows 8 to Your PC

    Oh, for fuck's sake. Man, I just accepted Windows 7 (I've never been a fan of change, and I had the same old laptop running Windows XP for three years or something). I don't like that layout in the picture; fuck all that "user-friendly, everything's-right-in-front-of-your-face" nonsense, I...
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    "You were an accident!" .. so what?

    I don't think it applies as much as it used to, seeing as there are tonnes of kids being born out of wedlock now; it's not taboo anymore. Definitely an old insult. My response if someone had been mean enough to throw that at me (if it were true): "Oh... thanks for the free ride to college...