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    Poll: The (Many) Problems with Skylanders

    Skylanders is and has always been a cash grabs for kids. From day 1 when i saw you could buy extra characters for 10$ i knew it was so kids could ask their parents to buy it for them. I can't reall fault them for it though because it's painfully obvious. Anyone could look at that game and deduce...
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    Closets and the coming out thereof

    I think that's too broad a definition. That could be almost anything. Telll people on this site you are a creationist for example, and you suddenly lose all your credibility.
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    Closets and the coming out thereof

    Wait there is a closet etiquette now? Good lord . I never thought we would reah these ridiculous levels of political correctness. OT: nope i'm personally fine in my closet ( i'm not gay , i swear). I don't seek the approval of others. People are allowed to have their secrets you know?
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    Ps4 owners. Do you stream the games you play?

    Simple question really for the ps4 owners. Do you use the streaming feature on twitch or Uplay? If you have , how was your experience with it. If you haven't why not? So far i haven't but iv'e been meaning to start using it. Not that i expect or want to be big and popular streamer...
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    Wait, This Need To Be Taught?

    First rule of life. Never assume people know the same things you do. Usually when people think rape, they think , druggin a girl, forcing sex on her, and beating/killing her afterwards. That's the disconnect. That's what most people think rape is. You don't have to do any of those things to...
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    The Latest Generation of Consoles

    Hey look a "current gen" thread being filled with doom and gloom, how surprising ! ( said nobody ever). Well i have a ps4 and am enjoying it. Free indie games ( and discounts on regulsr games) because i have ps+ ( 4 dollars a month, if you can't afford that you shouldn't have a console)...
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    Do you think the (online) gaming community is more toxic and hostile now than it was in the past?

    I remember when games were about fun and less about issues people make up. I blame facebook. It made people think that their opinion is important and worth telling EVERYONE. Back in my day, we could play as males, females , animals, insects, geometrical blocks, and whatever crazy thing a...
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    Not trolling but common sense and fact, Is the Xbox one dead?

    WiiU has no game is not litteral. Also tons of gameplay =/= tons of games. I have a grand total of 2 games on my ps4. One of which was final fantasy 14:ARR. In the last 5 months my ps4 spent more time on than off. Tons of gameplay but i only have 2 games for it. Yet i wouldn't say the ps4 has...
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    things that disgust you

    And that's the kind of attitude that caused countless of innoncent people to be killed throughout history. Everything is stupid until it's not. Go back 500 years and tell people the world is round. My guess is you would be drawn and quatered for blasphemy or some silliness like that. ( not...
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    Not trolling but common sense and fact, Is the Xbox one dead?

    Dead no, but it's walking on a tight rope, over an active volcano, during an earthquake, while holding an umbrella during a thunderstorm. One wrong move and it's lights out from the xbone. I'm not holding my breath for them. With every year that passes, we will see the difference in power...
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    things that disgust you

    Depends. Children are people like everyone else. Parents cut off relations with their children for various reasons. Kids cut off relations with their parents for various reasons. A person ( in general) should never be forced to endure something they can not or don't want to handle. I don't think...
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    things that disgust you

    I don't even want to get into an argument about this. But if someone doesn't condone or accept something, ceasing cotsct could be benificial for all parties involved. Throwing someone out is harsh especially if they have no where to go . But ceasing contact because you cannot accept is a...
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    Poll: Persona 3 or Persona 4?

    Play 4. The story is way better. The game play of 3 is better imo, 4 is easy as pie , but whatever challenge is no cool anymore apparently.
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    Destiny: Diary of a Guardian

    This so much this. Is this what they meant by make your own story? That was an awsome and fun read.
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    Destiny is "meh" compared to what exactly?

    So the game has been out for nearly 2 weeks. In general people say the game is a resounding "meh". And i'm curious, "meh" compared to what exactly? Now, i have no problems, with people disliking the game, i for one am having a blast with it. I actually thing the game is very good. However...