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    Satisfying Endings[Obvious Possibility of Spoilers]

    To say something different that hasn't been mentioned in this thread already I'm gonna go with FFX. I thought the whole game ended nicely with a sad but fulfilling cutscene to finish the game off. To be clear I've never seen FFX: Eternal Calm and as far as i'm concerned FFX-2 doesn't exist so...
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    Games you'd love to see another entry for...but probably won't

    I don't have alot of time so I'll make a quick list and hopefully edit to expand later: Darksiders KOTOR Dishonored Warcraft (along the lines of the old RTS Games) Legacy of Kain! and finally.... Onimusha (I would also accept an HD re-release of the original trilogy, or box them with...
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    What games are you "loud and proud" to be a fan of?

    Just quoting because I agree with the first two games listed, I just finished MGQ yesterday and I thought it had a pretty damn good storyline for its genre.
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    Are achievements a good thing for games?

    I miss cheats... We don't have cheats/gamesharks available anymore because of achievements. I still play my PS1/2 so much because of being able to use cheats to blow through games having fun without worrying about doing everything correctly to get through the game... Seriously, I've never...
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    Dealing with study issues

    To be perfectly honest I have a shit ton of Uni stuff to do this month, especially over the next 1 1/2 days and I just can't make my brain start working very well. Its the damn papers I need to do, studying for exams is easyish for me to do the day before, and even writing my papers is...
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    Cheat Codes

    I'm a much bigger console player than I am a PC player so I definitely miss cheat codes and the ability to use Action Replays or Gamesharks for my games. They made things so much fun! I still have a gameshark for my ps1 and an AR for my DS and PS2 that I use frequently and enjoy
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    Unusual things that help you wake up in the morning.

    I never have an issue waking up and staying awake on the condition that I actually get out of bed to my alarm. If I move when it goes off then I'm fine and I can get ready and go to class and do work etc... However, if I don't get out of bed once my alarm goes off for any reason (hitting snooze...
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    That loud BUUUUUNNGHHGH noise in movies

    Thats all I can think of when I hear it is that there is a Reaper somewhere offscreen.
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    What? what is wrong with those people? Not only would that fundamentally screw up higher level math and those that use it, but even following the basic math rules of rounding, if anything it should be 3.1 not 3.2.... My brain kind of hurts now
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    It's 2 1/2 miles almost exactly... just felt like responding with the answer, I know it was an exaggeration. As someone said above, Southern Ontario and the GTA sucks for sticking with one measurement type. And the thing that bugs me the most is I've always found it really hard to find good...
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    I really just wanted to quote this and say that I find it to be a very well reasoned and thought out response with some good examples. It's rare to find posts like this on forums so I am quite happy to have read this. I eat meat, I eat it alot Generally I eat alot of chicken and fish for...
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    Black gamer inconvenience, Xbox vs PS controller

    So from what I've read, and I'm glad OP has a few suggestions to try as well.... am I the only one who honestly prefers the Playstation controllers? I'm a large guy with very big hand (shorter fingers and larger palms) but if given the choice I would always go back to the PLaystation...
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    Food you refuse to eat

    I wanted to see if anyone had the same answer as me before I posted, and someone did! I can't eat raw tomatoes, I just cant stand them. I can eat ketchup and tomato sauces just fine (within reason) but the only type of raw tomato I can stand eating is in salsa, specifically the Tostitos...
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    Poll: Is it snowing yet?

    I'm really hoping for it to snow in my area really soon. Just one or two good snowstorms before mid November and it'll be great. To clarify, I don't really mind winter, i'm a very big guy and I act like a natural heater so cold doesn't bother me. However, my dad is in charge of Canadian sales...
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    Cheat Codes: what happened and do you care?

    Fuck 'em! I still use my Action Replay for my old PS2 games and my gameshark for PS1 and Xbox. I love cheat codes, there's nothing more fun than dicking around in a game (once you've beaten it of course) with cheats on. Saints row 3 will forever be in my top 5 games of this generation...