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    Have you ever really liked a character everyone else hated?

    axl from megaman x7 and x8. he'll never be cooler than x or zero but i still thought he was alright. haters gone hate i suppose >=3
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    Testicles - Let's talk about 'em

    you poor thing. I'm truly sorry to hear that...= (
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    Poll: Poll: The Escapist's Favorite Gaming Snack/Drink

    while i did vote for flesh of the innocent i'd like point out that i actually enjoy sweet tea and hot dogs, all the while breaking bodies and hurting feelings. sometimes i'll add chili bites with ketchup to try to enact eating human flesh (also to make ma' DOGZ taste great yo)
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    Testicles - Let's talk about 'em

    got into a fight one day at school, for some reason beating kids up for yu-gi-oh cards in 03 was the best way kick off the weekend. short story long - my attacker kicked me in the nutts with construction boots (timberlands). i threw up all over my cards and passed out on top of them....of...
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    Review: Sonic Adventure XBLA

    Totally agree. I'd rather see all the other neon woodland creatures of the sonic universe in the comic books. It's nice to expand on an already diverse world but i think the general public will have a mixed opinion on some other sonic characters showing up as playable sally acorn...
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    Worst music you've ever heard

    i used to defend rap with a serious face and iron fist. ....then lil wanye made some song about fried chicken, grape soda and watermelons... anyone who is reading this i implore you not to post the song...please
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    A Fanboy's Guide to Fanboying

    hehe...shamus you crazy kook and ur thick satire. EDIT: how many people missed the point of this, 5?
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    Poll: Will you buy Duke Nukem Forever?

    waiting on assassin's creed bloodlines, COD: black ops, and street fighter third strike online. so in short duke can go to hell. I might...MIGHT borrow it from a friend of mine. provided she doesn't break me in two in response to me asking for this thing
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    Question of the Day, July 3, 2010

    its lost some of its zing thanks 2 the lack of exclusives but PC-gaming is still badass. there's still a shit load of good games on it, and plus i can even pirate classic games (I see no point in hooking up my dreamcast to play evolution or panzer dragon other than nostalgia)
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    1001 games you must play before you die.

    power stone 1 & 2 and sonic adventure
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    Twilight Author Bored With Vampires

    never heard of it. send me a link via forum mail.
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    Twilight Author Bored With Vampires

    Jesus back-fliping christ. what irony... on one end my happy ms.meyer's wants to leave the twilight universe (hopefully for good) but now i have 2 worry about her shitting on anything else i like. i could always plead the the vamps in twilight are gothic-pixies but if she decides 2 write about...
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    Poll: Zero Punctuation Song? (End of E3 2010 episode)

    ugh...that's the best I can say about this track.
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    Sega FREAKIN' Dreamcast on xbla and ps-store...thoughts?

    Evolution was pretty slick 2.
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    I didn't even know you could do that and I've had this game for years.

    just the other day my friend showed me on super street fighter four that you don't need the full half moon foword motion+punch for a hadoken. I'm not kidding. DOWN+CROTCHING FORWORD+3XPUNCH = SPEEDING SHENANIGANS