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    Bethesda Has "No Timeline" for Dawnguard on PC and PS3

    I think there's a difference in tone between a marketing official saying "We're busy with [stuff] and can't give a date for release" and "Oh right, that fanbase. Yeah, we might have something for you in the future. Might." I don't doubt that Dawnguard will appear for PC and PS3 eventually, it...
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    TV News Report Warns of "Cyber-Bullying" on Xbox Live

    Alright, I can live with people taking offense to, well, offensive language, and I'm all for parents checking what their kids do online. What I don't understand is the double standard of "government regulating public healthcare = socialism" and "oh plz vidja gaems need be ban'd". I don't swing...
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    Poll: Student fights controversey over Yearbook photos: Thoughs? [UPDATE]

    Heck, I'm not gonna impede a person's wishes to make possibly long-term errors. If looking like that is her hobby (as she compared her photo with the photos of people with guitars or footballs) then by all means she should knock herself out. I'ma be really superficial, but GEEZ look at her, I...
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    Bronies Get the Cracked Treatment

    I haven't met a single "brony" in the flesh, or any person who actually knows the hype around My Little Pony for that mattress, so everybody just thinks I'm a nutter when I run around in pink shirts with baloon print. Might as well, I'm having fun either way.
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    Red Cross Investigating Virtual War Crimes

    God, I get so upset by all these news I'd just rather not read them, but they're just so outrageous. The video in this post especially. There's been enough rationalization in this thread to just say "That's not exactly right or at least unbiased." I'm gonna go play some Black&White and feed...
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    Fan Developing Much Needed Skyrim Map App

    I've copied the map onto parchment, hung it on the wall and marked places with pins the shape of a septim. But your little iPhone App is pretty nice, too, I suppose.
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    Racism in Skyrim?

    Racism? In my fantasy RPG?! All joking aside... I've got nothing. This is just a joke. I've had enough with "videogame controversies". Just leave me to my basement god damn it.
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    The Big Picture: Skin Game

    There's just so much about peta's propaganda that I don't understand. Why the tanuki suit, which may or may not be 100% polyester for all we know? Why Super Tofu Boy, if Super Meat Boy is not depicted as being any sort of animal meat? Why the Cooking Mama debacle? It's just so incredibly insane...
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    Poll: Toronto School Bans Hard Balls - Do You Agree?

    First they came for the hard balls, and I didn?t speak up, because I wasn?t playing with them. Then they came for the climbing bars, and I didn?t speak up, because I wasn?t into climbing. Then they came for the see-saws, and I didn?t speak up, because I was contempt...
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    Review: Lego Rock Raiders (1999)

    You and me both, Tigurius. Nice and compact review, don't have much else to say, except I like the "rules" you've set for yourself concerning length and content of the reviews, especially the ratings. I don't like the idea of putting a numerical value on all of a game's aspects in one pot...
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    Most hated water levels

    Dire Dire Docks. Quite sure that's the cause of my aquaphobia. Either that or I was on the Titanic in a previous life. Still, Dire Dire Docks would be my first guess.
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    Poll: What is the Escapist's Opinion on MMOs?

    I've played WoW, LotRO, Warhammer and a couple of Free-to-play games, and none so far have sparked any lasting enjoyment. If people enjoy them that's fine, but I personally like to stick to games with distinct single- and multiplayer parts.
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    Games you found hard in the past , that are easy now.

    Super Mario Land. Played it last when I was 6 or something, and I spent hours with it. Now I've replayed it a short while ago, and it's done in half an hour.
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    Do you fear death?

    I'm quite relaxed about the "being dead" aspect of it, I really don't like the "dying" part. I had a pulmonary embolism a few weeks ago, and that is NOT how I want to go. Suffocation is up there on my list with "burning to a crisp". If it's something quick, sure, sign me up.
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    Trailers: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Demo Part 1

    Reminds me of the 2006 demo I watched probably for hours :) looking forward to this.