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    Making Game of Thrones about the "good guys" and the "bad guys". (Book spoilers)

    True, and that's missing out all of the Mountain's crimes which mostly come on the order of Tywin... I suppose I selectively remember that stuff because the Lannisters are all such bad-asses and Tywin seems to be the only man capable of actually ruling anything
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    Making Game of Thrones about the "good guys" and the "bad guys". (Book spoilers)

    I always thought it was funny that the audience naturally hates the lannisters for attempting to take power and rule Westeros but as soon as Robb Stark tries to rule despite having no claim then its all okay because he's not the first to attempt it. Personally I think its lucky that the red...
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    Bosses that you JUST. CAN'T. BEAT.

    Not technically a boss but its a boss style section of Planetary Annihilation. There are 4 or 5 or so factions that exist on the galactic campaign map (single-player mode) and each faction has a home planetary system on which you face 3/4 enemy commanders. for reference the usual number you face...
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    I'd start off by just asking them how they want to proceed, if they leave you with the decision then offer to split it (either by price or by what each person ate). If they want you to pay then you get to decide if the cost of dating that person outweighs the benefits or otherwise Simples
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    Would you like a proper game of thrones game?

    I've seen a couple of mods for Mount and Blade, Civ 5 and one of the Total War games that changes the game setting to Westeros (and sometimes Essos too) whihc work quite well. Overall the setting is so well developed and the world so large and diverse that it suits strategy or Mount and Blade...
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    A Games Journalist, a Horse and Nikola Tesla Walk into a Bar

    Panel 1 + Panel 2 = 3 Panel 3 confirmed! Where do I sign?
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    If you were an evil overlord, who or what would you use for henchmen?

    Slave armies, child soldiers and people with a tragic back-story leading to them signing up in the generic mercenary company. They will be drugged/hypnotised and beaten into loving me and my evil plans. They're also cheap as hell, slaves don't get paid, the child soldiers only need to be hooked...
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    Lets see YOUR space engineers projects

    If I listen closely to the trailer I can just about hear my grades, social life and physical state deteriorating rapidly... but seriously if this is as epic as it looks and will one day turn into a finished product then I'm certainly interested. Can the OP enlighten us with a small list of...
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    GTA V - Amnesty condemns torture scene

    I kind of agree with Amnesty, on the one hand torture is disgusting and horrible and probably not at all necessary (though that's a story for another thread).. However, I haven't actually seen the torture scene in the game but I'm betting its not just the same as 24 or Zero Dark Thirty's love...
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    Poll: If you never had to eat...

    Good food, fuck yes because I like eating nice tasty greasy chips smothered in gravy as much as the next man. Standard food that I eat to survive, like what i eat 90% of the time, nah, that money can be spent on gravy and chips and other things, no point wasting money
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    Your chillout game?

    Minecraft on creative mode, flying and building with music playing on another tab/i-tunes. Usually relaxing to a point, then you start to fret as you make a mistake in building design or if your palace doesn't look cool enough or if you've used one design far too many times... Also Just...
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    Poll: Should any of the endings of Fallout: New Vegas be considered canon? (Spoilers obviously)

    Personally I think the independence ending is the easiest to role with, NCR stays at the Mojave boundary, House is gone, Ceaser's legion falls apart and only exists as ragtag groups and war-bands in future games. However I don't know how the independence ending pans out, something Yes Man...
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    Opinions on Smart Clothes

    I usually end up going out of the house in jeans (the formal side of jeans, straight legged and grey or dark blue in colour) a shirt or some variety, either super formal ones or just cotton semi-formals. If its going out for dinner or a posh lunch i usually whip up some brogues and a tie...
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    Poll: What's Your Deal With Easy Mode

    I use easy mode to unlock bloody difficult achievements in games, for example in dishonored, getting the pacifist or unseen run-through is very difficult so i go onto easy to make the challenge easier. Otherwise I use easy mode to have a good time on some games, minecraft for example i find a...
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    Poll: Which Total War game would you recommend?

    I would say wait until a creative assembly steam sale and then get the lot, I started on rome 1 and worked my way up through medieval 2 and then empire and napoleon. Shogun I've clocked the most hours on but only because I've had to wait for the next game. My personal favourite is Empire /...