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    What forgotten game/IP do you wish to be revived for the current-gen?

    Vagrant Story, Mechwarrior, Dark Colony, Shadow Man, Contra, Time Commando, Syphon Filter, Tony Hawk...but I don't think they were demanded enough to be revive by game developers anyway, and hopefully they won't ruined it if they do.
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    Recommend a manga

    I recently finish the anime of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and I already wait for Stardust Crusaders to finish, but I do skip it and read all of the parts, and it's really good. Already made me a fan of the series and I can't wait for the new chapters. It maybe weird for some people to get into...
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    Just another recommend me an anime thread

    I guess it's not hurt to suggest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Heard there was no dub though, but I think it's one of the only anime that works best with the sub and the Japanese language.
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    Whoops! Blizzard May Need To Change Overwatch's Name

    Maybe now they can name it Mobacraft, which is a very original name.
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    My Stance on Women in Gaming

    Any game that have engaging narrative will instantly get the female audiences attention. I don't know if this is enough, but Final Fantasy and the Mass Effect series tend to gather an overwhelmingly good amount of girl fans. Plus, I do check DeviantArt and Twitter all the time, and games like...
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    Four Ways The Legend of Korra Respected Its Younger Viewers

    Lol! What the hell freakin happen to Mako, man! They could at least make him a deuteragonist for the series but I feel like the writers want to put that character in the garbage with no character development whatsoever. Every major character in the both of the Avatar series have at least...
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    Four Ways The Legend of Korra Respected Its Younger Viewers

    I don't really care about Korra and Asami relationship, but the execution just feels weird, even with the writer's confirmation. Considering that both girls already having a relationship with Mako, which giving the feeling of bisexual relationship in the Avatar series feels hollow. If they done...
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    Videogames which you can't buy from well-known sites

    I remember when there was an Act OF War game that I wanted to buy on Steam, but it disappeared from Steam for unknown reason. Now buying it digitally will probably be hard. But the game that I haven't found on popular gaming site is Operation Flashpoint and Rise Of Legends.
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    Elder Scrolls Online Removes Six-Month Subs, F2P Rumors Arise

    Well, Angry Joe does gave Guild Wars 2 a legendary recommendation for an MMO (Sure it's F2P). But I don't quite remember how long he play between the launch day and to the last evaluation day for the review, when comparing to ESO. So yeah, games at launch with good quality is important to get...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2014

    I don't know about you, but this is just silly to call it a stealth game:
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    Sam Raimi (Sort of) Accepts Blame for Spider-Man 3

    Of course, Venom should act like the Venom people know and love. Not an emo kid who wants to destroy the world just because Peter Parker stole his love and broke his camera.
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    Why did you join the forums?

    I kinda joined a long time ago but for some reason my internet have been formatted and I forgot my password. So I have to do a new account. By the way, I join because The Escapist forum seems to be the most active and interesting one when compare to other forums in my book and I'm not interested...
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    Awesome Old Cartoons You Remember But Can't Identify?

    Since I heard the word "staff" and it kinda do something, I don't know if this can be called an anime-like and the animation tend to use 3D in it. I forgot how many characters in the cartoon, uh, does Xyber 9 ring any bell?
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    But technically, he still need plenty of money to pay for the treatment, hence the meth selling. He could still ask his ex to help to pay for him (Because Skylar is the one asking their help in the first place), but you know Walter will probably gonna loathe that kind of action, with their...
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    Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

    There is a similarity when comparing both the ATLA and LOK. It is a story of the individual who is different when comparing to the past Avatar and how they have to cope with the obstacle on their own, when the guidance of the past Avatar isn't always the best for them, more like the reference of...