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    What if you were the last person on Earth?

    I'd make sure my glasses were glued to my face.
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    I want to get into Doctor Who, where do I start?

    There are small nods towards the previous incarnations of the previous Doctors but you have to remember that the new series' from 2005 were made for an entirely new generation, that may have never even heard of Doctor Who. I realise there are those who watch the new series' that were around...
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    Best unscripted gaming moment you've had . . .

    All of this happened in the space of about thirty seconds, but it's one of those things that seemed like it lasted ten minutes. In the next game, I was the commander, my friend was sitting at a missile silo, alone, under pretty heavy fire. I drop a supply crate, I realise that it goes a...
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    you are living in the last game you played?Are you gonna be ok??

    Considering my kill:death ratio in Battlefield 2...probably not.
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    Picture of everything wrong with the US justice system

    While this disgusts me it isn't much of a surprise. Although reading some of the comments in this thread reminds me of a conversation from A Christmas Carol.
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    Are you in a relationship?

    I'm getting married in a week. :-) (P.S That's a yes)
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    Jimquisition: Defending Call of Duty

    I was about to disagree until map packs and the general whoring of the franchise were mentioned, I personally don't enjoy the newer games but I don't really think less of people who do. Sometimes, considering the single player game is so similar, incredibly short and second fiddle to the...
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    Vin Diesel Pay Cut Could Kick-Start R-Rated Riddick Sequel

    Incredibly pleased about this. I did enjoy Chronicles but as I clicked on the article I was hoping it would be more like Pitch Black. I'm glad he isn't too bothered about the 'working for scale' thing, because I don't care a bit, since I work for actual minimum wage.
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    Jimquisition: The Weird is Not Enough

    If the trend continues this could become a great series, I especially enjoyed the specific insight into certain games, giving reasons as to why they did well or why they failed. However, the vulgar humor just doesn't fit in with the rest of the show. I understand that in between each...
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    Games you hate that everybody else seems to love.

    Oblivion. An empty, lonely world with a stupid leveling system with, what feels like, a copy and pasted environment. Feels like it could have been made using Unity.
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    Pokemon: Your most epic capture

    Catching Mewtwo with an Ultraball after having used my Masterball on a magikarp...
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    Doctor Who and Hating Russel T. Davies

    I generally think he is a mixed bag when it comes to results. He did make a lot of episodes overly cheesey, which is easy to do with a 'soap box' character like Doctor Who. A man who is supposidly superier to essentially every other being he meets and is usually many times more intelligent. I...
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    What makes a Science Fiction film?

    I find this argument to be fairly poor. The Man in the High Castle is still a science ficiton novel, written by, possibly, one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time, which centres completely around people that even upon the time of writing didn't even use any sort of futeristic...
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    What makes a Science Fiction film?

    I remember reading a new article about a very similiar scientist, who wanted a limit placed on movies, allowing only one breach of scientific theory per film. It's people like those two who make me question the motives that some people have for becoming educated in a certian field of science...
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    What makes a Science Fiction film?

    Having some form of unrealistic or distant scientific principles is all that it takes for something to be science fiction. It's pretty simple to be honest and like some other definition changes throughout the modern era is probably the reason why some people try to create some sort of new...