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    Virtual Hotties

    He still didn't strip for me. >.>
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    Virtual Hotties

    You mean General Cockblock? Like he's going to authorize any sort of female or male fanservice, let alone drop his pants for the ladies!
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    "Shocking" Pokemon Announcement Coming Next Week

    I'm gonna aim for left field and say it's a new Pokemon anime based on the Pokemon Special/Adventures manga.
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    Zero Punctuation: Tomodachi Life - Nintendo Life Simulator

    Took a spit take when he brought up Agent X. Loved her character.
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    The Big Picture: Link Be A Lady

    I`m still banking on the fact that this Link is fully customizable now like in the recent Pokemon games. I mean, look at him/her! Swappable sexes, fully interchangeable outfits, that`ll totally rad!
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    Batman v Superman Writer Called Out For Sexist She-Hulk Shaming

    OH. MY. JESUS. GOD. We're effectively fucked out of seeing any respect in translating DC's most iconic heroes as long as this guy's at the helm. First Manhunter, now this?! Time to cry.
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    BOOYAH! Ray Fisher is Cyborg in Batman Vs. Superman

    Yes, because the only thing missing from this movie is MORE UNRELATED SUPERHEROES.
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    Zero Punctuation: Thief - Stealing a Classic

    Man, that game didn't stand a chance!
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    It's Not Cosplay

    *Slow clap* Well played, good sir. Now I have root beer all over my laptop.
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    Intelligent Alien Life May Be Found by 2040, SETI Astronomer Believes

    I'm pretty sure aliens are aware of our existence, they just don't care.
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    New Fate/Stay Night Anime Coming This Fall, More "Serious" Tone

    Comedy always has a place in more serious works. It wouldn't be a smartly written drama without something to contrast it.
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    What We Don't Know About Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

    Or, best case scenario, go the Thor route and make it as visually ridiculous and fantastical as possible. I'd love to see a romanticized fantasy adventure type film involving Wonder Woman.
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    Zero Punctuation: Exclusives Showdown

    First: Yahtzee, you have the harmonizing voice of an angel. Second: I'm honestly surprised he didn't make a Wii U joke.
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    Batman Fans vs Superman Fans

    I just don't understand why people are up in arms about Ben Affleck being Batman. He certainly looks the part; its not like he's a bad actor, considering he won some pretty praiseworthy awards as of recent I'd actually assume the contrary. Now, the prospect of Batman playing a star role in the...
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    DICE Exec: Military Shooter Market Isn't Oversaturated

    Seriously, this is the easiest comment to retort ever! Watch: "Sorry Exec; yes, yes the market is very oversaturated with modern military shooters."