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    Supermassive Black Hole Spawns Insanely Powerful "Winds"

    Funny how different associations are. I thought of "farting black holes" when reading the header. Well I guess that at least goes roughly into the direction of the yt-video posted above... ... oh well ^^ It's fun reading about those sightings, more often than not mindboggling what extremely...
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    Does Music Today Suck Now, Or Am I Finally 'Old'?

    There's plenty of music out there for all tastes, you just shouldn't depend on radio to get to know it. Actually there are also decent radio stations for most tastes, if we're talking about online radio. Anyway, there's plenty of good music out there. Instant classics are still few (in...
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    In Germany we have a term for that: dümmster anzunehmender User (stupidest user imaginable). They successfully exploited those people ^^. I don't even feel sorry, since they used iPhones.
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    How EA's CEO is Developing from People's Need to "Steal"

    They hone storytelling in games, yet there it is still in its infancy and pretty bad most of the times. And people want to optimize the value they get for their money - I think that's nothing new since... the times peopel started trading goods.
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    "God Particle" Could Wipe Out The Universe, Says Steven Hawking

    Not buying into the possibility of this happening before our sun explodes, considering that in some place else in the universe the same thing has probably been discovered and studied already and well... we're still here.
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    Google's "Project Wing" is a Secret Drone Program

    Isn't the energy efficiency for delivery with drones extremely poor, when compared to traditional means (talking about "energy needed/kg transported goods")? Way to hurt our environment.
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    Nintendo's New Handheld is a Revamped, Redesigned 3DS

    Surely nice for kids. For me it's too expensive. I don't have the need for complex mobile gaming, when I'm not at home I'm normally not playing anything - and if I do, a simple mobile game for free on a smart phone suffices.
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    the most fun you had in video games

    WC3 tower defenses and Unreal Tournament with friends on a home LAN. DotA / Dota 2. Playing Pokemon Red for the first time on my own Game Boy. Playing Sonic on my brand new Sega Masters System. First games on C64 were pretty good too. Those are my best experiences. Much of it is novelty...
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    Your favourite game < 100 megabytes

    Hmmm... maybe Pokemon Silver, maybe Mega Man Battle Network 3 (or the ones after) DotA if you only count the map, not the WC3 installation ^^.
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    Games to get out of a gaming rut.

    Try stuff that's actually fun through gameplay, not story. Dota 2, Portal, Braid, Left 4 Dead 2 coop, Shmups, music games for example.
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    Do you consider Nintendo games "outdated"?

    Not outdated, just for kids / younger audience and partly the casual audience. The biggest flaw about Nintendo for me is that they are so repetetive, consistently using their boring character set.
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    George R.R. Martin Pulling Back From Game of Thrones Season Five

    It would be good if he'd manage to finish his work. Otherwise I don't know what turn it will take. Would the series stay discontinued or take the route of The Wheel of Time and get finished with the help of notes by another competent fantasy author. Guess it's no use to plan that out now (but it...
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    Poll: do you think smoking is attractive?

    Turns me off, because I'll have to endure the stink. I'm used to coping with it, but if I had the choice I would rather not have to.
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    Your first game with each system

    Own stuff: C64 - Fruitbank Sega Masters System - Alex the Kidd PC - Pinball Fantasies Gameboy (Color) - Pokemon Red Gameboy Advance - Mario Kart Advance Wii - Wii Sports Most of the interesting games are on PC, so I've got no home consoles after PC. Wii doesn't really count, my partents...
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    One-handed Mouse-Only Computer Games?

    Point and Click Adventures Visual Novels Hack and Slay like Diablo 3 if he gets a mouse like Razor Naga or Naga Hex Some platform puzzlers like Braid and Closure with Keyboard any mobile game adaption for PC that's intended to work with 1 Finger Puzzle games like Bewejeled Shumps with...