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    Lets talk about Girls that play video games

    Couldn't agree with you more, OP. I played Horde on Gears of War 3 once and found myself in group of three other guys and a girls, all with mics. The girl really sucked, and I told her that (as in my exact words were, "You...really suck at this."). The other guys told me to lay off because she...
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    Funniest thing you have found on the internet.

    Then riddle me this: How long can you scream, laugh like a madman, and destroy a mouse and a keyboard for? The screaming part would make me too tired to even make a parody video.
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    Funniest thing you have found on the internet.

    He's obviously pissed off at some camping noob. Duh. My question is: How the fuck does he scream that loudly for FOUR MINUTES? The longest I've ever been close to that level angry was for maybe half that time, maybe less.
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    So, now that the Mass Effect 3 Demo is out...

    The sprinting animation was a bit weird, but other than that I thought it was cool enough to make me want to pre order it. But my favorite part was at the end when the female Krogan snatched Wrex's shotgun and owned those Cerberus guys. Lady power!
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    New bill from the creator of SOPA

    Oh God! John Henry Eden has taken over the government already! Where is the Lone Wanderer when we need him!?
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    Poll: Superior Character: Batman or Superman

    Superman has super powers to save the day. Batman has his fists and some gadgets he made himself to help him out. Superman had everything given to him. Batman gave everything to himself. Batman wins for being able to do shit himself.
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    Bisexuality doesn't exist

    Yep. Society can suck sometimes. Just ask some of my friends in the same situation as the OP.
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    Watches, how do you wear yours?

    I wear mine on my right wrist, clock side on the top of my arm. Everyone tells me that since I'm right handed, I should wear it on my left wrist, but it feels weird.
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    White House Denies UFO Contact

    But what if they never answered at all? They may be hiding something then by not saying anything.
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    Poll: Would you date/sleep with a person that has a Physical handicap ?

    Just so you know: Your opinion...I respect it (sincerely, no jk-ing, no trolling, I'm being serious). OT: No. The general public would stare at us a lot, and even though if someone were to stare at me I'd respond with "If you have something to say, say it. If not, look away," I would not be...
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    Some people's kids.

    I have been yelled at by some high school kids to "get a haircut" and "too poor to buy a car?" From their cars. There also was a time where I was walking along a sidewalk listening to my iPod, and some jerk decided to honk his horn while right next to me during his drive. That scared the sh*t...
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    Whats One of the Worst Games You've Ever Played?

    Prey Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Kameo Bully: Scholarship Edition
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    Poll: Physical or Emotional Pain?

    Emotional pain. A broken leg can take your walking. A broken heart can take your life.
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    What do you want the most?

    You sound like my best friend. Obsessed with bacon, money, and beef jerky. OT: I really want money, love, money, a least one son and one daughter (if and after I get married), money, a tolerable dad, money, more video games, money, a way to make myself inserted into certain video game worlds...
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    Poll: Pour or drink remaining milk in cereal?

    Duh, drink it. Whenever I finish it completely, I feel like a stuffed pig; one of the best feelings to ever have.