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    Crown to Kim Dotcom: No You Can't Have Your Stuff Back Yet

    I'm irked that a few commenters on this issue preface their opinion with "I don't like Kim but..." Disappointing that people are that afraid of being judged by others. Kim is in the right here and that's all there is to it.
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    problem, beat up by a girl and stressing over it.

    Let's be the honest though: The girl was clearly a psycho. Who the hell attacks people over a ball being bounced their way? She sounds unstable.
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    Gurl problemz tho

    I would be careful with assuming that girls are just going to naturally be more empathetic than guys. Women can be as malicious in other ways...
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    Socializing and finding friends

    OP, I think you should have a look at - That is all. ;)
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    My talent for self-sabotage wins again

    Get over your issues with authority figures. Each time you fucked up is because you contended what someone in authority wanted for you. Realise that sometimes it is in your best interests to accept what they want of you.
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    Zero Punctuation: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - It Sucks, Ha.

    Vampires have always supposed to be have been sexy; read Dracula by Bram Stoker ffs.
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    Is this negative "nice guy" stereotype actually a thing?

    The reason why people think being nice is the exception is because when you watch the news and observe mass media, it damn well does seem like being nice to people is the exception. Everyday we're bombarded with information about how horrible everyone is to everyone else...In fact, I think not...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    The Escapist doesn't even support HTML5 and that means I can't watch anything on my Google tablet from this site. So I can't really blame the audience for using NoScript etc.
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    My god this was an awkward video to watch. It felt like that scene from The Office where David Brent begs not to be fired from his job. Truly made me cringe >.< There was no need to make this one Jim, I don't think. Especially just because of some troll in the forums. I'm kind of...
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    Society isn't going to get fixed by policing people's sense of humour. It's going to get fixed once the energy crisis is addressed properly.
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    On Geek Privilege

    Geek culture and geek community. The whole idea amuses me because the "culture" is basically founded on milking kids' money in exchange for trinkets.
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    How to deal with a friend in love with me?

    I know this feel. There was a girl I know that was desperately in love with me but knew I wasn't interested. Inconsiderate *****. She even had the gall to get upset when I told her to fuck off. Where did OP go wrong? She lost a friend...
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    Poll: New Forum Rules: Yay or Nay? before it was against the rules to say you watched porn/say it's good? What the actual fuck. O_o This gives me a better idea of the age range of this site. If it really is this...immature. I'll probably have to leave seeing as I obviously don't fit the demographics...
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    Concept Art Shows What The BioShock Movie Could Have Been

    I bet this film would have be on par with something like Blade Runner based off those pictures. Very irritating that Ken had so much creative control over this. I would have been better if the movie was treated as its own thing separate from the games.
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    Please, Help Me Not Break My Parents Hearts.

    Your parents are probably expecting you, maybe even hoping that you move out and become fully independent since your 25. Just sit down with them and tell them you want to go and live in Las Vegas.