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    Analyst: Resident Evil 7 Will "Go Back to Horror Roots"

    >resident evil >horror pick one Or rather, Resident Evil was never frightening. It's always had a campy so-bad-its-good feel to it. It's never been genuinely scary. But the same can be said for most horror games, really.
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    Poll: Do you cook?

    I do indeed. Made some lovely gyros last night. I've made better, but they were still good. My weakness in cooking is that I take a long time because I need to prepare all my ingredients first, whereas say, my partner, will just do that as she cooks. I don't know how she manages it.
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    Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed - Aiming For Q1, 2016

    B R A V O I N A F U N E Shitposting aside, I'm not surprised. Comcept's practices were pretty 'shady' early on, too. It's a path they want to stick to, it seems.
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    What are you playing right now?

    Currently I'm playing Valdis Story: Abyssal City, R-Type Final, and Super Robot Wars L. Need me some more ships.
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    Your thoughts on, "Men and Women can't be just friends?"

    It's a load of bullshit. My best friend's a woman and we've been friends for about eight years. I don't think anyone really believes that men and women can't be 'just' friends anymore.
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    Sooooo... whatcha playing?

    I'm currently playing Xenosaga Episode II (insert german subtitle) and Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen. I'm also playing Smash Bros. (Wii U) with my partner on and off. I try to limit the amount of games I play because my attention span can be pretty low. I try to play only two or three...
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    Resident Evil's HD Remake Gets Dated, Priced

    It does at least look good, but as long as it still has the gameplay style of RE games pre-4, I imagine it's age will stop most people from enjoying it.
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    Escapist's Day Jobs

    I volunteer at a charity shop while looking for paid work. However, I may have just gotten an IT apprenticeship, so things are certainly looking up.
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    Final Fantasy VII's Midgar Reborn in Epic Minecraft Build

    Nothing makes me want to try Minecraft more than stuff like this. This is really, really impressive.
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    Attack on Titan: Good or overrated crap?

    Manga is better in every way. Mostly because the anime is so far behind it in story pacing. Though the manga lately has gotten really, really stupid... But even though the manga is better, the franchise in general is still pretty...meh. It's nothing special, but I've seen worse.
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    Ken Levine Was Asked A Lot About Making BioShock Without Violence

    Make Bioshock without the action gameplay? Not if you want to make money in this industry.
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    Survey Reveals What the "Perfect" Male and Female Body Should Look Like

    If you listen hard enough, you can hear a hundred Tumblr users typing up posts about 'body shaming' because of this one article.
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    PS4 The Playroom Being Used by Some People for Live Sex Shows

    Who exactly didn't see this coming? We all knew it'd happen at some point.
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    I'm sick ;_;

    I'm currently sick myself. I get colds pretty often, and they rarely slow me down, but this one has just hit me really hard for some reason. I barely have the energy to move about the house. Not good considering I'm moving house tomorrow...
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    Poll: What gender is your best friend?

    I'm a bloke, and my two best friends are a girl and a guy. They're both the best peoples ever. Besides my partner, at any rate.