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    Favourite character(s) from Greek Mythology

    I quite enjoy Hephaestus the forge master of the Gods. While technically a God he was immensely weak and considered to be physically lame. Yet he manages to marry Aphrodite (there are numerous views on how this happened, but it did) In Roman belief his name is Vulcan....which for a Star Trek...
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    The Borderlands 2 Thread of Miscellaneous Information

    To add to the misc. knowledge though it appears that one or two of your equipped weapons will be visible on your character at any time. While absolutely useless this is actually very nice to add more uniqueness to characters. (You know minus the skins, and color schemes.) Have it pre-ordered...
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    G4 is being rebranded

    Finally we can end this monster, and begin to accept that we couldn't save it.
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    What type of gamer annoys you most?

    There are two kinds that need to be wiped out of the gene pool. The Elitists and your Frat boy Gamers. Basically any type of gamer that plays Madden or COD or any one game solely and acts like they are some type of hardcore gaming ponce. It's like when someone claims to be a Film Guru just...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

    I completely agree with all of the above; I especially want to point out the "tugging heartstrings" that was mentioned. This movie made me realize that I never gave a shit about the characters in the Raimi films. In the Raimi films the characters were all just blandly written. And while the...
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    So, Pirates are Playing Diablo 3

    Just posting that "Guys seriously there is a pirated version out please believe me" holds no weight on the internet.
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    The Old Republic Population Shrinking

    I liked SWTOR too for about the first month or two and even bought the collectors edition which I somewhat regret now. (The statue is awesome though) But my god it was just missing so much right from the beginning. The PvP had 3 game types with 3 maps total, No Dungeon Finder, I personally had...
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    Microsoft Makes Sonar Work Like Kinect

    I'm now one step closer to making my death army of Robotic Bats!
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    Recommend me some Superhero Movies!

    A lot of the animated movies can be very good such as... The Avengers 1 & 2 were good and the Next Avengers which had some flaws but also some very good parts Planet Hulk (mentioned earlier) was awesome The Invincible Iron Man was ok in my opinion but not the best Batman Year One...
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    Any pointers on how to get on in life after a difficult breakup?

    Just take every day one step at a time and overtime you will learn to fight it. Trust me it always takes a lot of time though. You should focus on doing your favorite hobbies even if you don't want to at the moment. Also spend a lot of money on stupid stuff will make you feel better. Also...
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    IF you could forget about any game....

    Yeah you just completely sold me on my answer. I remember the graphics were just so revolutionary at the time and looked brilliant. Meeting most of the characters for the first time was an experience in itself. The gameplay was fluid and the physics were nice. Oh how we need a proper sequel.
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    What 3 games have you played the longest?

    1. World of Warcraft 2. Oblivion 3. Fallout 3
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    Notch Dumps on EA "Indie Bundle"

    This right here I hate as well. The Indie Hipster crowd is saving us? Seriously go take a look on the Xbox live Indie section and the quality of most of these games are just bad. Sure there is the occasional diamond in the rough but I would still usually take a AAA game any day over an indie...
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    Let's do the Mash! I said the MONSTER MASH!

    Simple but elegant, and the definition of useless yet an integral part of the world. The first monster most gamers ever saw. also literal monster mash for these guys. Captcha: Hit the Hay Good advice. Thanks for reminding me of my basic bodily functions Captcha; what would I do without you.
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    Favourite Candy

    I Love any type of gummy candy. It's the only food that I've ever eaten too much of and vomited. Back when I was 5. Ah good memories.