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    If Capcom announces a fighting game with any video game character...

    They could bring back their own Baby Bonnie Hood / Bulleta from Darkstalkers.
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    Live-Action Akira Film Is Still Getting Made

    I have so little confidence for these USA! USA! USA! remakes that I might actually welcome a Naruto Jackson in the Akira movie. It's gonna fail anyway, why not have some memorable bad-ass ninja monologues in there to at least make it half funny?
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    BEST gaming communities

    Like I said, I'm not anymore. I was in Diamond when it was the highest league but haven't played after that, so taking into account of how the game has probably improved, I might really be more like low platinum now. Probably, less people attempted super-early rushes like 7-pool and...
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    BEST gaming communities

    No way. Before the master's league came out in an update, I was in low diamond and I had very little clue of how to play, much less how to defend against specific beginning strats. I recognize that the overall quality of play may have gone up (I haven't been playing), but still I'm sure at least...
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    If you had unlimited money?

    Fun fact: money doesn't just magically make things happen if you throw it around. If the game company is ran as a normal business, the money is unlikely to make a ton of difference to what the company does. For instance, I'd like to see more Blizzard games but money given them would be...
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    Poll: What is the most important type of Graphic?

    The question was about the technical aspects of graphics you can adjust. These do not answer it. I'd say a one-choice poll just doesn't work, though, because different games clearly need prioritizing different things. Top-down strategy games like Starcraft 2? Texture detail. Dark FPSs like...
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    Sherlock Holmes 2: More Moriarty And Cross-Dressing

    First movie was crap, this looks worse. Thank Cthulhu for the BBC series.
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    E3: Xcom

    I also heard of this upcoming game called Duke Nukem Forever which is the heavily re-imagined sequel of the game Chess. Now, I haven't actually played Chess myself - it's supposed to be this turn-based thing - but based on the in-game footage of DNF, Gearbox is at least trying to find a middle...
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    Poll: Is Flower the closest to art as games will get? "Flower is a game that is based on the greatest art ever to have been made in the world, which is the film 'American Beauty'. In 'American Beauty', there is a bit where a plastic bag blows around in the wind for a bit. This is the beauty to which...
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    What gaming laptop should i choose?
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    How to convince father to buy a ps2?

    Don't try to claim playing a few PS2 games on top of what all the other systems have to offer makes a difference for your future career. It won't. You could play all the games in the world and still not know how to create one. Besides, a beginning designer practically has to work with simpler...
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    Know of a place where I can buy fighting games for the PC.

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    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD: Good for a beginner game?

    It is quite unfriendly to players who don't have a high degree of joystick skill, and has more artificial difficulty built in than HD Remix. I own both SFIV and HDR. I have not played them a lot. HDR is the one I...
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    Poll: Best Fighting Game This Generation?

    Virtua Fighter is boss, even though it hasn't gotten console ports for so long that it is now two full expansions behind arcade. 2D fighters have never really clicked with me other than aesthetically, but I'm intending to get Arcana Heart 3 when the localized version is out for 360 and see if...
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    How far should "It's my body, I can do what I want" go?

    Human psyche blocks out and rationalizes away a lot of shit if it's bad enough. I think we can agree that when your mother appreciates your entire future less than she loves her jaeger shots, that is a pretty raw deal. People will go to great lengths to avoid recognizing that. Forced...