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    So, did anything go well for you this week?

    Same thing happened overall...solid week and school is almost out. One week left and then three days of finals...then Summer is here.
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    Peculiar fetishes

    I like every part of a woman don't get me wrong but if a hot woman has really nice feet then it makes her even hotter. So in other words...I have a foot fetish yes indeed.
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    Is college even worth it at this point in time?

    I think college is something that isn't for everyone. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or something like that then college is definitely for you. Overall I feel it is for the people who want to go the extra mile when it comes to schooling. I personally don't think I'll end up going...
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    Poll: That old question Fantasy or Sci fi

    Not a fan of either quite frankly, I'd rather watch something more real but that is just me.
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    Five Best Shows Recently on TV

    Breaking Bad Sons of Anarchy The Vampire Diaries The Walking Dead Weeds Not in that order or anything, but those five are some of my favorite shows.
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    New Anti-Smoking Ads

    Don't think these ads are going to stop smokers especially the ones truly deep into their addiction. While this stuff happens to smokers especially long-term ones, cancer and other issues don't end up happening to everyone who smokes even long-term smokers.
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    most captivating tv show/anime you have watched recently?

    Was really into Sons of Anarchy and now I'm waiting for the new season to start on TV in September.
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    What's your favorite song from a genre you don't like?

    Johnny Cash's Hurt song which is arguably the best cover ever made. Other than that, I'm not really into country.
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    Poll: Do you prefer cake or pie?

    This is a simple question on whether you like cake or pie more. The person can also talk about which types of cake and pie he/she likes. They aren't frowned upon at all...just please stay on topic. I forgot to mention my favorite type of cake is oreo cake.
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    What was your highschool "Role"?

    Still in High School now and my role is generally I'm one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet but at the same time one of the most chill guys you'll ever meet. Overall I'm just cool with everyone and don't have any issues. I enjoy giving my teachers a hard time when I can too.
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    If you could only have 3 programs installed on your computer, which would you choose and why?

    Mozilla Firefox, Steam, and of course uTorrent. Would be kind of weird not using VLC as my media player when it came to watching movies and what not though. I also can't really live without iTunes. Limiting to three programs is tough.
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    Being fired?

    It doesn't really matter what the other employees do...maybe he is putting added stuff on you to see if you can handle it and you're just in line for a promotion. Think positive nonetheless.
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    Spiderman or Batman?

    I've always had more interest in batman so I choose batman. Could never really get into anything Superman for some reason.
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    Poll: Prison or Space?

    Prison by far. I enjoy watching people or a lot of people call it 'people watch'. I stare a lot and the amount of stuff you'd see in prison would be amazing. Going with prison for sure on this one.
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    Poll: Your favorite music genre?

    Heart Shaped Box and Lithium just never get old. Unbelievable songs. I'm not a huge rock fan or anything but Nirvana has some good stuff. :)