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    Helluva Boss (Pilot)

    Not going to lie I enjoyed Helluva Boss much more than Hazbin Hotel, the character felt better realized, pacing was better, and I didn't get sensory overload from it. The perspective in some shots were a bit wonky but other than that much better.
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    Anyone here watching Mao Mao:Heroes of Pure heart Valley

    I am and I'm loving it, its only on the 1st season but its shaping up to be Cartoon Networks finest(Not counting DC properties) the show has everything you want in an animated show, it has good animation, great comedy, fantastic voice acting, funny yet interesting characters and most of all meme...
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    Infinity Train

    Which doesnt really answer my question and even then its not like other decades went through "trends" either
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    Infinity Train

    How does it have the same artstyle every cartoon has
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    What 2019 games you are expecting a Masterpiece?

    Speaking of Sekiro while I enjoyed it I would't call it a masterpiece imo, it has potential but it feels like the "Demon Souls" of the franchise
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    Tumblr, back from the dead?

    I feel like the you got your sites mixed up, Tumblr(at least before the whole porn ban) took away Deviantart's viewers
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    Saddest TV or Movie Scenes Ever

    I can never listen to the Cheers theme song again
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    Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer dropped.

    Can we just stop with the whole "Fictional Character Comes To Our World-The Movie" because this crap was bad since the 80s and no one did this premise correctly ever since.
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    Recommend me DC comic books I have not read?

    Grant Morrison run on Doom Patrol is pretty good. Gail Simone's Secret Six Also Superson's is pretty fun
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    So! Avengers: Endgame

    I mean its 5 years after half of the population vanished, I doubt people are waiting to get into the next big gaming fad.
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    Best Series of Comic Books You've Ever Read

    My best isn't high art or that famous and keep in mind I read a lot of comics. From Saga to Frank Miller's run on Daredevil to Alan Moore's stuff to Warren Ellis work and while the mentioned men/pieces of work are great the BEST series I ever read was Chew Like I said Chew isn't high art...
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    MK11 launch trailer: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

    Oh there are much worse things you can do to your enemy than punch them in the balls with Johnny Cage
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    Im very happy that I brought Sekiro

    I just beat the game and I think the Rage Demon is harder than the final boss
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    Comic Based Games?

    I said it before Ill say it again, a Doctor Doom game. Also I would pay good money for a Chew game
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    Im very happy that I brought Sekiro

    I think most of us expected FROM to deliver a great game, but I?m personally more surprised that Activision came through by respecting and trusting them as a developer to make the game they wanted, and support it without any of the usual bs. They?ve gone up a notch in my book, as well as for...