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    TF2 pet peeves.

    Crits, and the updates. I still like TF2, but I liked it more without the weapon/achievements updates.
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    Lies they teach you in HIstory class

    What? Have you read the Communist Manifesto?
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    What's your color philosophy ?

    Red, freedom for the win.
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    What kind of cellphone you got? And Why?

    My cell phone can call, and that's all I need. No clue what kind it is, some cheap crap that can call.
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    Poll: What do you do with no internet?

    I read or play single player games.
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    Poll: Your current Guitar Hero/Rock Band skill level

    Real men play the Bear Kidney. The manliest instrument of them all.
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    Yeah I've only thrown Gameboy cartridges/Gameboys across the room, and nothing has broken! :D
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    Can we stop with the Europe worship?

    European countries are generally better. Suck it up.
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    Games you wish never saw the light of day.

    Diablo II? You crazy, crazy person.
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    Games you wish never saw the light of day.

    Try FF 1-6 and 9, they're all much better than FF7. I don't have any games I wish never saw the light of day, if I don't want to buy it, I don't. If someone else wants to, why the hell should I care?
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    Vampires, how should they be?

    Bram Stoker style.
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    Favorite TF2 Achievement weapon.

    Ambassador is by far my favorite, followed by the Flare Gun.
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    Things You Didn't Know About Your Parents

    Eh, well I've found out nearly every single adult in my family has smoked pot before. I don't really have anything else.
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    Poll: Did you think Watchmen was good

    The book is one of my favorites, but I haven't seen the movie.
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    This is one of those inconvenient moral decisions.

    I probably would, but I'm often an asshole, this has to be someone worth something to society.