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    Favorite game that tanked in sales

    Easy answer is Psychonauts. I dont think mirror's edge did too well either, but a lot of people didnt care for it.
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    Poll: I Think It's About Time

    Finding hookers would be...interesting OT: I don't see any problems with a girl who can kill and steal right up there with the best of em. Also, aren't thieves and ranged people in fantasy RPGs more often than not female?
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    Therapist Repeats "Gaming is Like Snorting Cocaine" Claim

    This has probably been brought up already, but what qualifications does this guy have? In the US, at least, to be given the title "therapist" you don't need any formal training.
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    Poll: real or fake maple syrup

    I live in upstate New York, that's close to Canada and Vermont, so I only use the real stuff. The synthetic tastes like plastic a little to me.
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    Your bf/gf's parents.

    Her mom like me well enough, though she lets my gf and I sleep in the same bed at night so one can assume she knows what we do, yet she still likes me.My gf's dad like me too I'm smart and polite (at least I act it) and I make his daughter happy so i guess she's happy.
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    The Big Picture: Magneto Was Right

    Wasn't bullied much yet I HATE stupid people and would destroy most people I believe to be idiots given the chance. Thanks for justifying my views on people, it made for a hell of a birthday present.
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    This is the worst present, EVER!

    I would have to say my cell phone. I rarely use it, whenever I need to call somewhere, I just use one of my friends' phones, and people only seem to text me when I'm trying to do something. When my grandma gave it to me I didn't even say anything until she asked if I realized what it was. Even...
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    Question of the Day, November 20, 2010

    Splinter Cell, I hope to be a bad-ass at Sam's age
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    Question of the Day, October 14, 2010

    1) Those songs all look terrible, in my opinion. 2) What is Dance Central?
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    Major school assignment, due tomorrow...

    The way my teacher taught my class, last year, was to read a document and try and associate a specific detail or event about it that isn't mentioned in the work itself. It worked for me as I got a 4 out of 5 on the test back in may. Hope it goes well for you, APUSH is a lot of work but it really...
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    Worst injuries show-off-case

    Not me, but I was there for it. My friend jumped off of a train car and broke his femur, one of the hardest bones to break in the human body.
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    Are most gamers into metal music?

    Used to be into metal a lot. I still have the long hair,a and whenever I hear Megadeth I rage, hard. Other than that, not much into metal anymore, neither are any gamers I know.
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    Poll: Where are YOUR wisdom teeth?

    Somewhere in my room, I kept them afterwords to put on a necklace (or so I am told. I was coming down from the anesthetics still). They're in a bag, so don't worry. :edit: found them
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    Poll: Would you date the opposite sex version of yourself?

    I have been dating a female Razbuten363 for just over 10 months, pretty happy about it too.
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    Question of the Day, August 9, 2010

    I'd go with a Batman game with voices from the 90's animated series... wait they did that. Umm...Johnny Bravo datng sim/ fighting game when they say no to a date. That'd be awesome. Powerpuff Girls sandbox game w/ 3 person mulitplayer, also sounds kinda cool. Dexter's lab could make a decent...