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    New Ghostbusters Trailer Introduces Slimer, Shows off Chris Hemsworth

    I got far more of a laugh out of that comment than I did either of the trailers. I don't know if its the type of comedy in the new movie, the nostalgia of the old movies or just that it's not a good movie (which going by the huge amount of negativity surrounding it so far this isn't...
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    Battlefield 1 Revealed in Launch Trailer

    That's pretty much how I see it, friggen awesome to see but EA of all publishers...... I'll have to wait and see how they do this.
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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    Couldn't have said it better myself, if their going to use a much loved IP for a new comedy they had best make sure it fits the bill or it'll get all the condemnation it deserves, regardless of what gender the actors are. Frankly I doubt anyone could fill the massive shoes that the original cast...
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    Nvidia's GTX 1080 is Much More Powerful Than a Titan, $400 Less

    Eh, my EVGA 780ti is still happily running everything at max, games have flat lined so much that it'll be awhile before I even need to look at anything going down let alone medium settings. Still, good to know for future reference.
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    EA Giving Away Expansion Packs for Battlefield 4 and Hardline

    Might as well claim my BF4 free expansion. I'm curious how long it will be before this Battledield/CoD fad will burst. The gaming goes around in circles and sooner or later another genre will take over.
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    EA and Respawn Announce New Third-Person Star Wars Title

    A game made by the developers of Titanfall, an online only multiplayer shooter with no real campaign and I believe lots of DLC, making a star wars game for EA whos previous Star Wars game was an online only multiplayer shooter with ridiculous amounts of DLC and micro transactions that would make...
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    A Real-Life Biotech Company is Trying to Reanimate the Dead

    It wont make a difference, if they say that they experienced nothing then the religious groups will explain it as not truely being their time or they don't remember because they were pulled back forcibly by the repairs. They may even claim its not the same person or that the person is now...
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    New Dawn of War teaser

    PC Gamer has an article on it and apparenty DoW3 is a mixture of the two and a good one by the sounds of it: If this is true and they pull it off the DoW will return as one of the best RTS series I play (DoW2 killed it for...
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    I don't want to see the Female Ghostbusters...

    I wont be going out of my way to see ot but if a friend has a copy I'll check it out and see if its any good. I've yet to find anything indicating that it makes a good Ghostbusters movie. Which is not surprising, Murry, Ackroid etc gelled together so well it'd be friggen hard if not impossible...
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    The Modern Warfare Remaster Won't be a Standalone Release

    I figure that's the case. There is no way Activision spent time and money on a good remaster just to do as a pre-order bonus. They will sell it individually eventually. Hell they'd do it even for a bad remaster! That said if they do later release it separately there may be a strong case for...
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    Nintendo Announces New Splatoon Amiibo

    To a company, more money is a very good and almost always guaranteed reason to do anything.
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    Ubisoft Details Penalties for Cheaters in The Division

    I don't know where you live but in the EU and I'm certain here in Australia the ToS does not override local laws. Such laws include theft of items that someone has purchased. To lock someone out of their Steam library over accused cheating would be considered theft and as such the company would...
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    Ubisoft Details Penalties for Cheaters in The Division

    Thing is he had suggested cheaters should not only be banned from the game in question but also their whole Ubisoft and/or Steam library which would include other games the player owns (both SP and MP). No way could you consider that acceptable nor could you argue it would not be stealing...
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    Ubisoft Details Penalties for Cheaters in The Division

    Unfortunately the problem is alot of games (esp from Ubisoft) are always online "semi" multiplayer like Dark Souls which makes it hard to separate the SP from the MP. Wish these devs would make it easier to separate that stuff so people have choices. I still don't agree with your previous...
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    Quantum Break PC Crashes Need a Windows 10 Update to Fix

    There's a reason why I'm slowly migrating my systems to Ubuntu. Windows can go jump in the lake, at this rate I'll keep 1 system as Windows for older games that don't run on Linux (even via WINE) and wont be ported and stay happy.