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    Bands that have never failed you.

    Streetlight Manifesto
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    Why nerds are unpopular (this is lengthy)

    That was very long, but a damn good read. I was a nerd in high school, but I was never really bullied (the few times people tried I just walked away to somewhere populated and didn't care) I agree with the "they aren't popular because they aren't trying to be" idea, I wore the same hoodie...
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    "Extreme Gamers" Spend 48 Hours a Week Playing Videogames

    it's like playing for two days straight and then taking a 5 day break which is a terrible idea by the way
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    Really thats ILLEGAL now online too?

    cheesing is things like sneak attacking your enemies miners when they have an army you could have fought, or really early rushing it's looked down upon because players would rather you demolish their units than their economy, since if they still have resources they can try to build more to...
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    The "Obscure Reference" Game

    Why Golden Sun 2 of course for mine: "'My name'... 'Starts with a D'"
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    Which Band/Singer Puts on the Best Live Show?

    O.A.R. puts on great shows they aren't big on the flashy lights or stage shenanigans, but their live jams are just awesome, plus they have so much energy point: Or hey, Streetlight Manifesto...
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    Unskippable: Dante's Inferno

    Hah, this was great but I do have to say the killing death part of the game was kind of dumb
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    Poll: How do you like your zombies?

    I like my zombies slow, stupid, and malleable.
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    Unskippable: Battlefield: Bad Company

    I am with you so much DICE bring back the funny and the battlefield theme for Bad Company 3 D: And on topic: I didn't think that was as good as an episode, it's hard to add funny commentary to an already funny game, you're better off going with the super serious ones. Like Bad Company 2...
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    Worth Buying An Entire Console for only one game?

    A million times, this
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Yeah, those jungles in Bolivia and Chile, as well as the snowy Andes were pretty Grey and Brown
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Well if I didn't ever play the multiplayer then yes I would agree with this review because the single player is just plain bad. But come on, this is a battlefield game, you don't get it just to play by yourself. And also Bad Company 1 came out before Red Faction Guerrilla, and Bad company 2...
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    Battlefield PSA Mocks Modern Warfare 2 "F.A.G.S." Gaffe

    I know right, thank you EA/DICE for bringing back the funny
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    Poll: Choose your robot overlord.

    people have not voted for Bender I am confused now
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    What's your favourite Final Fantasy job class?

    Blue mage here I'm too lazy to get the ap to lean skills ):