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    Poll: Should Link be female in the next Lengend Of Zelda

    I cannot see the purpose of a female link, as far as I am concerned the Legend of Zelda contains a male hero named Link and a female princess named zelda. If there is nothing to gain from making Link female, then I don't think it is a good idea to change his gender. To give Zelda a more...
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    Need Relationship Advice.

    Well this is a tricky and awful one with her condition, but never the less. I have never appreciated living a life by conforming to others needs, and I don't think you will be doing her a favor by staying with her if you don't want to. Risks are that you will treat her poorly, and you won't get...
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    Depression: Tell Me What to Do.

    When I was feeling depressed I found that the only thing that really brought me back up was sunlight. Just being out in the sun for an hour or so really made a difference. I know it can be difficult to convince yourself to go outside when your feeling depressed, but it made a difference for me...
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    The next "Star Wars"

    I have just watched the Star Wars saga, and I am now wondering; what will be the next great movie trilogy/saga thing? I think that "Lord of the Rings" was one, and if we stay in the fantasy genre, then I think that "The Fionavar Tapestry" by Guy Gavriel Key have the potential to be the next...
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    Being spoken to in your native language

    I would never get offended at anyone trying to speak danish to me, I would get a tiny bit offended if someone thought I was from some other country and tried to speak that language to me. I also get offended when germans presume I know german and try to speak to me in german instead of english...
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    Space Janitors: Episode One

    MMmmMMmMMmM, this seems to be really good, a worthy successor to "Tales from the Table", if that is what it is. I am looking forward to seeing the actual episodes.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 17: A Tale of The End

    Yes! It's finally here and it's better than I dared hope for. I love all of these characters now, and seeing them destroy each other like that kinda hurt.
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    Bastion ending (obvious spoilers)

    I saved Zulf and evacuated. I didn't see the idea in saving Zulf and then reversing time, that would make my action of saving Zulf void.
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    The Secret World Preview

    I'm really looking forward to this one, I just hope it lives up to what it is promising, and especially that it does justice to all the folktales and whatnot. I definitely won't have a problem with paying a monthly fee, as long as the quality extends past the beginning area.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 15: A Tale of the Final Approach

    Looks like our DM is afraid of ending the game. Very nice episode, the James Bond parody was nuts and the "old school" fight scene was great.
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    Your superhero name!

    Beware The Black Coffee, I will keep you up all night.
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    What are you reading right now?

    I am reading "Dracula" by Bram Stoker and it is wicked.
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    Do you care about lore?

    I love lore, it helps me to feel immersed in the game and sometimes it makes the game more interesting if it is used right. I do not recall any favorite or worst lore.
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    Tales from the Table: Chapter 11: A Tale of a Lunch Break

    Yes! I love this! Will the breakup affect Thoradin's performance in the quest? is Rufus a vault? Will our team keep the watch on the wall? Oh the suspense!
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    Extra Punctuation: Game Stories Demand Focus

    Well great, now I have to buy Bastion. Nice article I have really hungered for a good gameplay driven story, and it sounds like you are recommending Bastion as such.