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    No Right Answer: This Generation's "Star Wars" Part 2

    I'm tossing my vote in for Harry Potter. That had the biggest cultural impact of all those. People are excited about all those things, but Harry Potter whips up the most enthusiasm in the most amount of people (judging off my college experience).
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    PAX Prime 2011 Cosplay Gallery

    That was a Link cosplayer. It's the golden armor from Twilight Princess, I think it was called the magic armor. Cool pictures though. The PvZ one keeps making me laugh XD
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    Poll: ... and yet I clicked it anyway!

    Yep I clicked it about 5 minutes ago. And then I got a tilted screen. And guess who's got a straight screen now! I outlined the problem here for those of you having issues...
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    Why does the Escapist hate Safari; or How I'm Avoiding A Tilted Screen

    OK OK The Escapist probably doesn't hate Safari but this is twice now I've had badge things not work. My main browser is Safari as the browser has given me very little trouble, but I have Firefox and Chrome on my computer as well just in case of compatibility issues. This site usually works...
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    Hardest dificulties that are ACTUALLY BLOODY HARD!

    Since I Wanna Be The Guy has been mentioned I will suggest I Wanna Be the Fangame which is EVEN HARDER THAN I WANNA BE THE GUY. Seriously I watched OverTheGun play both of these and Fangame gave him so much trouble. I will also recommend Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the hardest difficulty. Yeah this...
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    Take-Two: Duke Nukem Forever Was Profitable

    So this...thing made money while awesome lesser known titles like Psychonauts and Child of Eden sit on the back shelf *twitch* *twitch* I don't understand anything anymore...
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    No Right Answer: Best Tim Burton Film Ever

    My personal favorite is Batman, with Sweeney Todd is second. Have been meaning to check out Ed Wood for some time just to see what all the fuss is about though.
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    Accept Your Quest. Collect The Fallen. Win an XBOX360 or PS3!

    I switched from Safari to Chrome to see if that would do it. So now I get the points and the badges. Frankly, I don't see why this won't work in Safari when that blasted red button works perfectly fine in Safari. It's annoying because now if I want to do this I have to whip out my secondary...
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    1. Chrono Trigger 2. Tie between FFIV and FFIX 3. Kingdom Hearts I haven't played Super Mario RPG yet so I can't definitely put it in my top three but from what my friend tells me it is indeed very awesome.
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    Poll: Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender?

    I had really short hair in 5th and 6th grade because when long my hair is a curly thick untouchable mess. I hadn't quite gone through all the motions of puberty so a couple upper classman thought I was a boy. I was mildly annoyed but really didn't care as I didn't interact with them much. This...
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    Xcom Publisher: Strategy Games Are Not Contemporary

    Does anyone have a clip of The Spoony One's yelling of "BEEEETRAAAYAAAALLL" from last year's E3 after he saw the XCOM preview? Because I think that one clip sums up everyone's reaction.
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    So the Steam Summer sale ends today what did ya get?

    On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Creavures,Bit.Trip.BEAT, and Zen Bound 2 all for about $10. Best deal I've gotten in a while. Edit: I forgot I got Trine too. And so far all of these games have definitely been worth the money
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    HEY! Who wants to play bubble breaker?!

    Ah crap I forgot about these. I clicked one before seeing the comments. And now I am facepalming so hard. Well played, Sir, well played.
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    Poll: YuGiOh or Magic:The Gathering, which is better?

    As someone who has played both, I much prefer the feel and play style of MtG. I played Yugioh before the gx packs game out so I'm no doubt behind, but comparing experiences, I say I can put much more strategy in MtG than I could with Yugioh. You can strategize in Yugioh don't get me wrong, but I...
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    Poll: What SciFi enemy do you think is more dangerous?

    I pick Necromorphs because they come with a great big side helping of crazy cultists and the sheer body horror for how Necromorphs are made. That stuff is made of nightmares.