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    6 people who are destroying free thought in america

    A winner is you! I'm not even American and I know Bill O' Reilly one of the biggest arseholes in the world.
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    Now that you've woken up the demon...

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 pisses me off more than anything in the world... =_= Combine that with the fact that when I get angry I break things... yeah... It's a DS game. You can see how that is bad...
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    The Second (Un)Official Ecapist Potluck!

    Sushi sushi! That looks like the best sushi ever. O_O I'll bring the flying tacos and hippos What? Hippos aren't food? News to me...
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    randomest object you own

    Ooh, pics?
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    Autistic UK Hacker faces being shipped out to the US.

    Leaving him to rot in a foreign prison is the absolute worst thing they could do to him, it is completely unreasonable whichever way you look at it. And shame on you people who say that this is just. And fuck it, the guy is obviously a genius, someone hire him!
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    Jesus-ifying Zero Punctuation

    Because I know it exists somewhere. Rule 34. Just be glad I didn't go into detail. :P
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    I love the Smell of _____ In The Morning

    Coffee, sausages and bacon.
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    Your worst moviegoing experience

    Just... wow. What complete and utter bastards. I hope the guy you were with is okay. I'm tall so I always, always, always get my seat kicked for most of the movie (I can't shrink down, deal with it) when I went to see Casino Royale I got heat exhaustion (it was horrible, I felt like I was...
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    I am curious...why should God "have to be provable"?

    Only arseholes who can't handle the fact that others believe in something are trying to do that. Hopefully those people are teenagers and will soon grow out of it.
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    What you have learned on the Escapist

    I've learnt to have more respect, and I'd say I'm a lot closer to becoming an adult... and I've become a BB Code nerd. I can thank TV Tropes for that as well. Also that geeky boys love a girl who knows her games. ;)
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    randomest object you own

    But you said you had to get rid of it... :\ Also how big is the darn thing?
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    Jesus-ifying Zero Punctuation

    Sorry but you know the saying: "It's all one big shit sandwich, and we all gotta take a bite" Damn Rule 34... nearly ruined Pokemon for me...
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    randomest object you own

    Ah-hah! But the question was what is the the random-est object you own, not own or have previously owned. ^_^
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    Fictional Deaths that angered you.

    Sadistic bastards. Eiichiro Oda was right when he said that characters don't need to be killed to create drama.
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    Poll: Why do we create posts?

    Options 1, 2 and 3 for me. I want to make friends as well, because I'm lonely.