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    Escapist Podcast: 139: Pre-Pre-E3: Shadows of Mordor & Beyond Earth

    Are the podcasts going to be audio only for the future?? :(
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    Escapist Podcast: 132: OKCupid, Mozilla & Other Really Poor Business Choices

    His donation was made public; kinda glad it was and that someone made a stand against it. I appreciate your answer however; a lawyer should always try to stay neutral. ;)
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    Escapist Podcast: 132: OKCupid, Mozilla & Other Really Poor Business Choices

    I'm going to presume that Janelle was raised Catholic... as someone from a similar background I can only say that I totally disagree with her on the whole Mozilla thing. OK Cupid have made a great deal of good publicity out of this but I feel they were right to make a stand.
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    Feed Dump: Man Places Entire Squash into Rectum

    Ahhh... found it...
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    Feed Dump: Man Places Entire Squash into Rectum

    Where can I find the Kate 'nope' gif??
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    How many Steam games do you own?

    52. The majority of which I've played for 20 minutes despite my 27% achievement rating...
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    Escapist Podcast: 105: Call of Duty: Ghosts and Peter Molyneux

    That's what I was wondering... been waiting for it since last night :(
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    Immorally making $5,000

    I'd tell him... his friendship and your conscience will thank you later.
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    Steam Summer Sale: What did you buy?

    The Binding of Isaac (+Lamb of God) - simply awesome!!! Deadlight Half Life (+DLC) Half Life II (+DLC) LA Noire Portal Portal II Super Meat Boy Surgeon Simulator - no idea why... impulse I guess :( Team Fortress Classic - part of a bundle, very low chance of ever being played :o...
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    No Right Answer: Best Sunday Comic

    I'm actually related to Bill Watterson so anything I might write on this topic is bound to be incredibly bias! I would wholeheartedly recommend the C&H book Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" :) If we are going to discuss strips we love then I confess to loving Dilbert but Boondocks rocks...
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    Your Top Ten Favorite Video Games

    I really wanted to like Civ V, bought it on disc and took two weeks off work to enjoy it... no Hot Seat!!! :(
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    Your Top Ten Favorite Video Games

    10. Alan Wake / Tomb Raider 2013 Plot, action and gameplay; couldn't choose between the two. 9. Halo In terms of smooth movement and gameplay it is a gaming classic. Could have gone with Doom but Halo will always have a place in my heart! 8. Half Life II Wanted to avoid putting this on my...
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    Steam Summer Sale

    Just picked up LA Noire at 75% off :) Only bought three games and some DLC so far though...
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    So i just watched Another(name of the anime) (Impressions)(Spoilers)

    Awesome anime.. must catch up with it as have only seen 12 episodes! :) Another is a great animje and I loved the slow tension and.. ...but I found the last two episodes disappointing and rather silly! :(
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    Who Are Your Favourite Underrated YouTubers?

    Not sure Ashens counts as he has a fair few followers but round my way the guy is a legend... You want to skip tp 4.30 for the full entertainment/horror!