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    How has The Escapist enriched your life?

    It did for a while. Not so sure these days
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    Eve Online Panel Encourages Harassing Suicidal Player

    Hi Callate. You seem to be quite mad and throw around quote marks all you want to make yourself more of an intellectual-type. You're missing the part that this is Eve-Online, a game that hates you, and 10,000 voters were just disenfranchised by Kneejerk reactions caused by people such as...
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    Eve Online Panel Encourages Harassing Suicidal Player

    Hi Kids. It's been blown out of proportion. You're all bandwagoning worse than the muppets on the official forums. He's apologised. Deal with it
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    Trailers: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - "I Am War" Cinematic Trailer

    its called the multiplayer and its already there
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    ESRB Reveals Possible Zelda MMO

    I want a cunting Pokemon MMO. The Balance is already there. it wouldn't be as hard as making an original one.
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    Activison just killed my childhood.

    I actually loved the beatemup spyro games, the ones voiced by elijah wood But this is retarded
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    DLC for Dummies

    Team Fortress 2 - there is 5 things unavailable through drops. 3 were for charity. You can still get everything by drops. the store doesn't cancel out 4 gb of content updates. Hats are cosmetic and dont change the game. Get that into your head. Portal - a tiny button (I personally didn't...
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    the most one sided fight you had in a game

    2 days ago in my dnd game. Our level 2 half orc barbarian vs a Level 5 Druid.. we had just killed his dire wolf. Barbarian Raged upon realising that the wolf was his. One hit killed the Druid.
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    why were you put on probation/suspended or warned

    I have been informed this is a joke.. well played. I rescind my brick wall statement
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    Jailbreaker Decides to Move to Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Delighted

    hmm.. Microsfot ++ on the nice PR
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    Visceral Proves Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

    It seems very fireful...
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    Valve Confirms DotA 2 for 2011

    someone forgot the robin quote I told them. stupid cali..
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    Feminism: has it gone to far?

    *snip* I would like to take a minute to point out that this isn't the case, most liberal leaning men are all for feminism, just not the trod on my balls for having the AUDACITY to have a penis while talking to you. However the main problem we men seem to see here with feminism is that...
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    Feminism: has it gone to far?

    I think I just threw up a little